Creating Your Dream Office With Second Hand Furniture

your dream officeCould your dream office be created using second hand furniture?

Those who take the plunge and set up a home business know all too well how tight the business budget purse strings are. A home office is a dream for many and in the meantime, the kitchen table or bench top usually makes do in-between coffee catchups and mealtimes.

If you’ve got the space, creating a dream office is more achievable than ever now with the amazing range of second hand furniture available for purchase.

Here are some great ideas to get you inspired.

Functional and comfortable

A considerable amount of time is spent in a home office and for many, it can be a second home, so the choice of furniture needs to be functional, durable and economical. If you have employees that will share your space, or clients that may regularly visit for meetings, it’s important to have chairs and tables that can be freely moved without creating a cramped, almost claustrophobic environment.

Your choice of chairs need to provide adequate posture, lighting choices need to be strategically placed and depending on the space you have to work in, furniture may need to be adjustable or expandable to suit your needs.

One focal piece

Consider searching for that one focal piece of furniture to become a feature in your office. You may want to spend a little more on this, particularly if it ticks all the boxes, and that way you can fill the rest of the space with handy accessories.

Even when you are choosing second hand, quality should trump quantity. You can always add some extra pieces when your budget allows for it.

Adding your touch

Thrift stores and online marketplaces are common shopping places for cheap furniture. There’s always the chance that you’ll end up with a mix of styles and colours that don’t exactly match, and when you’re trying to create a look for your business, it’s not quite right. If you’ve fallen in love with an antique desk that you found online in Gumtree furniture, but it’s covered in a strange lacquer, don’t worry. You can always consider stripping it down and painting or staining it and it will end up having an amazing unique, expensive finish.

Just because you are looking at second hand furniture does not mean you need to compromise on quality. There are so many bargains to be had you just need to keep an eye out for that right piece that will come along. When selecting your furniture for your dream office, remember that the look and feel should be as good as new and no one needs to know the bargain-price you got it for.


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