Why an iPad would make a perfect present for a child’s first birthday

Tablet Computer Woman HappyThere’s a debate that rages on in the mother’s groups and play date catch-ups around the country. “Should you give your child your mobile phone to play with?” Well, of course you should, don’t be silly! In fact in this tech tips for parents article we advocate for you buying them their own!! And here’s why… 

Well maybe not a new mobile phone, but most definitely a mobile device whether it be a tablet, an iPod or an older mobile phone. And while you’re at it, don’t throw away that old PC or laptop; give it to your kids as well.

Now the wonders of technology can be held partly responsible for the rise in childhood obesity and bullying, but that does NOT mean you remove it from the equation all together. Technology has brought with it, the opportunity to teach your child at any time of the day and at the earliest stage in their lives, which we all know, is the most important time, where they’re the most eager to learn, remember and understand.

I have 3 children, all under the age of 6 and they have their own iPads, with access to a laptop, and a Mac which they all use daily (well except for the 11 month old 🙂  The knowledge they’ve gained from these devices at such a young age is phenomenal and even though I can’t turn back the hands of time to test my theory, you try explaining to me how my daughter could count 1 to 10 in Spanish well before she could in English, while enjoying her favourite show Dora on her iPad?

That was over 3 years ago, and she can still count 1 to 10 now!

I’m most certainly biased as I work in this field day in, day out, and I feel that making technology a part of your kid’s everyday lives, means they’ll enjoy it, respect it, and never abuse it. Eventually (your results may vary). Much like the saying “everything in moderation” the use of technology has to first be introduced, monitored, and then corrected and then at some stage, they’ll accept technology like their favourite breakfast cereal. They know it’s there if they want it, but they won’t eat it every day.

I can tell the kids that are “technology starved.” They come over to play with my kids, and all they want to do mess around on the iPads or computers, when all my kids want to do play dress ups or jump on the trampoline. And in a way, I feel kind of sorry. Maybe they can’t afford it. Maybe they’re just ignorant. Or maybe they don’t know technology themselves? Either way, as a parent, I know never to judge another, and to just be grateful for my kids and how I’m able to bring them up and provide for them.

But, if you’re one of those parents reading this now, who doesn’t want to expose your kids to technology at an early age, then think about this. How many jobs can you think of, that DON’T need basic computer knowledge? And if you think that your kids can catch up when they need to, how far ahead will the kids be, that have used computer all of their short lives?


Dexter Eugenio

Owner at emcesqrd
Dexter is a happily married, small business owner and father of 3.A self-confessed geek and technology tragic, his other passions are computer games and mid 90’s VW Golfs.Always willing to help other small businesses with their IT, he has recently dipped his toe in the iPhone app space, quickly releasing 2 apps in his quest for app world domination!He tells us he wants to make the world a better place, but we all know he’s in it for the coin. J You can read all about his exploits on www.emcesqrd.com or tell him how you really feel by emailing [email protected]