Do you want to Telework?

do you want to teleworkDo you really want to Telework?

At School Hours our underlying motives for what we do is that we want to see parents be the best parents they can be and often with the rigid constraints of a 9 – 5 role, that can be difficult to achieve. If you’re currently in that situation and are keen on getting more flexibility to assist with your role as a parent, read on because I’m going to give you the key components to a telework proposal that gets agreed to 90% of the time. No that’s not a mistake, following these steps has resulted in a 90% success rate.

I watched a webinar from flexibility proposal expert Pat Katepoo earlier in the week and I have to say wow, this lady really knows what she is talking about. Not many people can boast a 90% success rate at anything, let alone something as subjective as this, however she can with a proven track record spanning 20 years. Amazing!

90% success rate! So how does she do it?

Well firstly before you do anything, she wants you to answer the following 3 questions honestly. If you strike out on any, your chances of getting approved for your request reduce dramatically and perhaps you should wait to make your request until all 3 boxes are checked. Let’s see how you go…

  1. Have you worked for the same manager for at least 1 year? 2 years is better, however this system still works with 1 full year of service.
  2. Are you a reliable employee with good performance reviews? You need to have had an average or better than average performance history with your current manager.
  3. Do you have a written proposal? This is possibly the most important component of the equation. Verbal requests for basic stuff may work, but this is a serious proposal and it needs to be addressed as such.

How did you go?

Get all three of these boxes ticked and by Pat’s numbers you have a 90% chance of having your proposal approved. If the only box you didn’t tick was the last one, then you’re winning too. All you need to do is to create your written proposal and you’ll be on your way. You can either write it yourself, remembering to focus on what the business will get out of the change or you can purchase and modify one of Pat’s templates which have a 90% chance of getting approved. For less than $30, it’s absolutely amazing value and Pat even has a money back guarantee on the product.

We were so impressed by Pat’s statistics & the webinar, we’ve agreed for Pat to host a free interactive webinar especially for the School Hours community on Thursday June 18 at midday.  The webinar, lasting 35 mins, explains Pat’s process in more detail, so if you’re interested in finding out how Pat can boast a 90% success rate, click here to sign up for the free webinar.  Even if you think you may not make the scheduled time, be sure to register anyway so you can be forwarded a link to the recording to watch later.

If you’re already convinced that Pat is the messiah of flexible working proposals, which I’m certainly am, and you tick all 3 boxes above, either submit a proposal of your own making or purchase one of Pat’s templates here.  At less than $30, they’d have to be the best value employee-centric HR tool going around.

If you have any questions regarding flexible proposals or flexible working options, you’re welcome to ask either myself or Pat via email.


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