Two Hard?

Two HardMother and Fortune 500 CEO: Good combination or doomed to failure?

Marissa Mayer recently allocated time from her busy schedule to talk about her first months as a first time mother and as the CEO of one of the world’s largest and most respected internet media companies, Yahoo.  In Marissa’s first “interview” since the birth of her son, she has told the world that motherhood is easy and her new job, lauded as being a dud based on Yahoo’s rapidly declining *popularity*, is also proving to be fun!

I for one will be interested to see if Marissa is still taking this line in one or two years time, because from first hand experience, I do recall those first few months being pretty easy, but I also remember it becoming increasingly more challenging as time went on.  If you’re a mum, you’ll know what I mean; while watching your little one progress from being a lump that sleeps for 20 hours a day to a full scale demolition team in a matter of months is *interesting*, it can also be quite harrowing.

Children start off quite sedentary, that is they don’t really do a whole lot beyond eat and sleep and they can do the later for the bulk of the day and night, however they progress quickly.  One minute they become aware of their surroundings, the next they begin to attack their new found interests with drool and inquisitive gums and eventually teeth.  Yes you do amaze at how they progress through these stages and you marvel at their capacity to learn, however you’re equally horrified at what they are capable of reaching and sucking and damaging.

We know this behaviour is not meant to annoy or disappoint or infuriate, it’s just learning the best and only way they know how, it just often has these side effects doesn’t it.  So how does Marissa manage to tackle her ever more curious tot as he grows into a toddler and beyond?  Well I am not 100% certain, but I suspect that with being a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company comes the requirement to be at work a fair bit, but along with that this position also would have the financial benefit of being able to afford Marissa a nanny or two to make sure Master Mayer will be very well looked after and doesn’t add to her already stressful lifestyle.

I won’t get into a debate on whether this right or wrong because I am not sure if there even is a right or wrong.  Families will do what feels right and this obviously feels right for the Mayer clan now.  Will she have an epiphany and one day give it all away to catch up on lost time with her son (think Anne-Marie Slaughter) or will she manage to “have it all” and still be home for dinner every night (think Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg)?  We’ll have to wait and see on that one won’t we.

What we are interested in is whether any of you have dealt with the same matter?  Did you have a high profile or demanding role during the early years of one or more of your children? If so we’d love to know how you managed to keep it all together.


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