5 Tips for Better Candidate Attraction

tips for better candidate attractionCandidate attraction should be the business of all businesses

From August 2014 I’ve been filling a HR Manager’s shoes, among other things.  While I’ve had experience in HR, I’ve never spent this much of my time concerning myself with HR matters and one thing that stands out to me more than anything else now, is how important candidate attraction is to the recruitment process.  Especially when you’re recruiting for a smaller company, I’ve realised you’ve got to do more than ever now to ensure that candidates a) want to apply for roles you advertise b) want to be interviewed by you and c) want to work for you once they have been through that process.

If you want candidates clamouring over each other to work for you, many of you will need to lift your game, starting first and foremost with not just meeting the needs of your current employees, but exceeding them.  Things like salary, conditions and recognition are incredibly important to anyone that is reviewing your company to see if they want to work there.  Just as you will speak to a candidate’s referees about their performance, you can expect potential candidates to thoroughly research you looking for negative/positive feedback and some will even attempt to reach out to current/previous employees!

So if you want to attract top talent to your business you may need to look at some of your business practices and undertake some tweaking to ensure that your business is somewhere that people love to work.

Job descriptions

Having thorough job descriptions signals to people that your business is organised and is clear about the role that employee will play in the organisation.  They should be regularly reviewed, say every 6-12 months, and updated when necessary.

Salary and benefits

Salary and associated benefits at the very least should meet the industry standards otherwise you will have trouble attracting quality workers.  Think about it this way, any good employee will contribute to the profitability of your business so remunerating them appropriately makes good sense.  Remunerating well will also reduces staff turnover that can impact that same profitability in a negative way and even cost you major dollars.


Communication just doesn’t happen in a company, it needs to be nurtured and established to make sure that it works for everyone on all levels.  A communication policy that outlines how it works and company expectations is a great start to opening the lines of the communication that will help everyone to be on board with the direction of the company.

Company culture

Great company culture is built on open communication, positive growth, recognition and respect.  Most companies have a workforce that comprises of a diverse range of people that may not naturally gel.  It takes work to create an environment that embraces these differences and empowers everyone to work together.  The first step is to care enough to take a good hard look at the culture of your workplace.   If it is negative and uncooperative, then changes will need to be made and they must start with the leadership team.  The introduction of family friendly or flexible working arrangements is a great place to start improving 🙂


Nobody likes a micro manager and it really is a waste of your valuable time.  Besides that if you’re employing people to do a specific job, empower them to do it successfully, after all in the long run it is better for your company.  Just be available when issues arise so that they can talk to you openly and get on with the things that you need to do.

These are only some of the things that contribute to a fantastic workplace, but they are enough to get you started.  Remember that a positive company culture not only enables people to feel good about their work, but is positive for profitability as well.



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