Things I Know About Life

things I know about lifeEveryone is aware that when applying for jobs, one needs to hand in a resume of sorts, highlighting our experience in the workforce.

It’s how we prove we are qualified for the position being advertised.

Some people have quite an impressive history of schooling and know-how.  Extensive knowledge in specialised fields, with work experience to complement the book work.

Resumes have been proven to be the finest way to recruit the best person for the advertised position.  The very top way to distinguish the flowers from the weeds.

Or is it?

Judging by some of my workmates, perhaps other things should have been accounted for in the recruitment process.

Someone can  look very attractive on paper, yet lack the proof behind the pudding.   Not to mention their efficiency in the office leaving more to be desired.

If I was an employer, I would want to delve deeper into the character of my prospective employees and really soul search in order to see if they qualified for the position.

There are things about one’s nature that cannot be based on tertiary qualifications.

Things such as street smarts.

If I were an employer looking to add another team player onto my squad, there are certain things I would want to be acquainted with before I offered the position with a hand shake and directions to a corner office cubicle.

Things such as:

As a prospective employee, I would like to know if you fold or if you scrunch when you go to the bathroom.

How a person treats his toilet paper, speaks volumes about their character.

Someone who folds their toilet paper, is a methodical planner.  An introvert.  A perfectionist.

Whereas someone who scrunches , is a go getter.  An extrovert. An idealist.

Someone who even perhaps cuts corner’s to achieve their goal.  Someone who steps on toes to get to the top?  Someone who will eat someone else’s lunch out of the communal refrigerator.

There are important qualities I would want to decipher about my prospective employees, before settling their pay checks and welcoming them onto the team.

If I were perusing resumes, rather than read “interests” or “favourite quotes”,  I would want to read “things I know about life” outlining real experience. Not text book truths, but things they’ve learnt firsthand.

Wisdoms of life, such as :

  • Don’t park in a one hour spot if you are going to see the doctors.  I know you made an appointment, but they over booked and are running late.  It will take much longer than an hour.  Bring a book.
  • You will not have left the house in over a month, but the second you duck out to Woolies, a parcel will be delivered and you will now have to pick it up at the depot.
  • You will see something all the time and then the second you are looking for it, it will have vanished into thin air.
  • You can dress up and look pretty and not see a ghost.  The minute you leave the house with no makeup and your ice cream stained tracksuit pants, you will run into your high school sweetheart.

As an employer I would hold in high regard anyone who gave me material I could use.

Tertiary qualifications are all well and good, but things I would want to know about YOU before I hire you are as follows:

  • If you were to bring your own Breville into the office, would you let other people use it to toast their own sandwiches?
  • Do you have your own Nespresso machine, and if so, can we pitch in a dollar each for the pod’s and use it too?
  • If you buy milk and leave it in the fridge at work, can I use some for my coffee?
  • Are you one of those people who writes their name on everything?
  • If you jam up the photocopier, are you the type of person who walks away and leaves it for someone else to fix?
  • If I pass you in the office and say hello once, and then we pass each other a couple more times, do you expect me to greet you more than once?
  • Do you have children, and if so, will you be hitting me up to buy chocolates or raffle tickets for their school?
  • If we are in the toilet together at the same time, are you going to try and talk to me from the other stall while we are both going?

As an employer, what qualities would you want to know about your prospective employee before you hired them for the position?


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