The Nature Of Family Friendly Employment

the nature of family friendly employmentCreate A Win-Win Situation With Family Friendly Employment

Implementing family friendly policies is a business strategy having a dual outcome: it can help you achieve organisational effectiveness along with employee well being. While some measures are no doubt rather costly for most organisations, even small initiatives can make a huge difference and positively affect the bottom line of your business.

What does family-friendly employment mean?

Simply explained; a family-friendly employer recognises the family responsibilities of his/her employees and how they (responsibilities) impact the employees’ working life and productivity. A family friendly organisation seeks to facilitate reconciliation between the staff’s work and personal responsibilities. This makes the staff feel supported and helps them better balance their work and personal lives.

What’s in it for the employers?

While the benefits for employees of family-friendly organisations are obvious, there are actually many hidden benefits of such policies for employers as well:

  1. You enhance your capacity to attract a wider range of candidates – both men and women – in a competitive job market.
  2. You get reduced absenteeism and tardiness
  3. You benefit from the enhance productivity of employees
  4. You reduce your attrition rate which in turn reduces your hiring costs
  5. You create and maintain a competitive environment

How to achieve the ‘family friendly organisation’?

Each workplace is different and unique in terms of its needs. The main challenge in achieving a family friendly organisation is to seek to match the needs of the staff with those of your organisation.  If needed, you could do a complete assessment as a starting point for designing best practices. Here are some tips that can help:


  • Commitment


A commitment to these practices and a work culture supporting family-friendly values and encouraging the use of those practices is critical.


  • Communication


Ongoing communication and employee participation is a must when designing policies of family friendly practices. Likewise, a dialogue between employees, managers and their representatives is essential when developing tailored family friendly practises.


  • Training


Suitable training and guidance must be given to managers who often have the responsibilities of implementing these practices in order to ensure that these measures are used appropriately.


  • Flexibility


Childcare arrangements may not be useful to employees without kids. In such a case, organisations might need to think of cafeteria approach to benefit plans so employees can choose from benefits that are most suitable for their needs.


  • Cost-benefits analysis


Many family friendly policies are inexpensive but some could be costly for the organisations. It is very important to undertake a cost-benefit analysis to carefully weight and balance against long term benefits from your organisations’ point of view. It is imperative to note that all family friendly practices cannot be expected to produce immediate results.


  • Review


Implementing family friendly policies should be seen as an ongoing activity and constant evaluation and review is imperative. Since, the needs of the staff and organisation’s objectives are constantly changing along with their external environment, all such factors must also be considered.

To assist you, here is a brief checklist and summary for promoting family-friendly practices in your workplace:

  • Survey needs of your business
  • Survey your employees to find out their needs
  • Identify general agreement for the aim of the family friendly programme
  • At the earliest stage, engage employees and listen to their concerns
  • If needed, collaborate with trade unions
  • Document all implemented policies
  • Train and demonstrate business and employee benefits to all parties
  • Always weigh long term benefits against costs of implementations
  • Establish channels for open and ongoing communication
  • Make sure all policies are available to everyone in the organisation.

I hope this overview of family-friendly practices and measures can help you successfully implement them in your workplace.


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