Teleworking: What sucks about working from home

man-doing-teleworkContrary to the title of this post, I freakin’ love working from home.  🙂

But instead of boring you as to why it’s so great (and I’m sure most of you already know) I’m gonna let you in on the downsides.

1. “You’ll never lose weight working from home”

At least, I never will.  The trip to the toilet from my home office is via the kitchen.  This means that whether coming or going, I’m compelled to stop by to see whats available in the pantry at least once.  It’s like my kitchen is a big black hole that keeps sucking me in.  Now as strong as my will power can be, a couple of Tim Tams with my (potentially 4th or 5th) coffee will never go astray.  And even though I may have peeped in the pantry all but an hour ago, I still need to make sure the magical food fairy hasn’t dropped off anything that needs to be eaten at that very minute.  Sad but true.

Also, trying to  stay healthy by drinking 8 glasses of water means more trips to the toilet and thus more visits to the kitchen.  It’s a catch 22.

2. “The noise your kids make will traverse all matter of plaster, brick, wood and metal”

Advancements in technology have seen studio grade headphones and production quality mics…..all in your trusty iPhone headset.  What this means is that when your 2 year old son is yelling for someone to change his poopy nappy from the other side of the house, your client will most likely offer their services (pending your relationship with said client).

I’ve learnt to take my most important calls in the ensuite and choosing to play dumb, if ever asked “are you in the bathroom?”

If you’re planning on a home office, first scope out the place in your house where you make the “money” calls.

3. “Television Killed the Work from Home Star”

Here’s a tip for new players.  If you plan on working from home, DO NOT get Foxtel.  If you have Foxtel already, cancel it IMMEDIATELY!  I can not stress this enough, and if you choose to ignore my advice, I will be more than happy to the be the first to say “I told you so!”

Trust me, I’ll be sure to cancel my Foxtel subscription!

Right after the NBA Finals.  And the Baseball World Series.  And the maybe the X-Games.  Oh, I forgot about UFC as well…

4. “Your work becomes the elephant in the room”

And that elephant’s name is Procrastination!  The more you work from home, the more you resist working.  Here’s a quotable; “The single hardest thing about working from home, is working itself.”  – Me.  And it’s not the type of work either, because, I’m assuming, if you’re’ self employed or run a small business from home, you pretty much kick ass at the work you’re doing.  It’s just doing that work, that’s the issue.

I’ll leave it to your good selves to find a solution to this / YOUR solution to this, as even after 5 years of working from home, I still find this one point to be a real struggle.

As much as I pan out on working from home, I do truly love it!  If you have an understanding partner that can cope with going to bed alone and waking up alone, the battle is half way won.  Never in any other environment, can you truly work your tail off, yet still be mainstay in your kids daily lives.

Working from 9am to 11pm everyday doesn’t sound so bad when you can spend at least 3 of those hours with your family.



Dexter Eugenio

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