Telework in School Holidays: Stay Productive


The ultimate productivity challenge: Telework in school holidays

Working from home has many fabulous perks like more time with the family, no rushing to the office in peak hour traffic and being able to take “health” breaks whenever you need to clear the head. There are heaps more but you get the drift.

However there are some what we will call “challenges” that need some careful planning to negotiate successfully with your sanity and clients intact.

Telework in school holidays can cause a nervous tic and a rise in blood pressure for a work at home parent who sees all of their valuable work time vanishing into thin air as they anticipate the endless hours that need to be filled to keep the “young ones” entertained.

Plan don’t panic, if you spend some time to plan out the days ahead you can make sure that the kids are having fun, client deadlines are met and you feel in control – sort of!

1. Play Dates

Everyone needs a break on school holidays and reciprocating play dates are one way of getting some respite. Of course you get some extra children at times when it is your turn but if you make sure you have activities planned and no burning deadlines these should go off without a hitch. Friends, family and pal’s from school are all ideal options for the play date escape.

2. Multimedia magic

Kids of all ages love all kinds of multimedia and would watch/play 24/7 if you let them. Better to dole this out is small doses to stop them from turning into zombies through maybe an allocated space of time every second day after chores are done to get a little slice of heavenly peace. Check out our family friendly movie reviews for some ideas.

3. Council activities

Keep them occupied and learning, this is a definite win win situation. Check out your local council to see if they have holiday activities. If you need to be there to supervise, team up with other parents and share the load. These can be indoor or outdoor and have the added advantage of helping your child to practice their social skills.  Websites like Brisbane Kids or What’s On 4 Kids are great resources for these.

4. Share your desk

If your little one keeps interrupting because they just want some “you” time. Make some space at your desk or use a kiddie size table and ask them to help with your work. Give them a task (maybe a drawing or story) that will keep them occupied while you complete your tasks.

5. Time management

While the kids are on holidays try revising your schedule to fit around their sleep/nap hours as much as you can. Prioritise your work tasks and take some stress off yourself. It may mean that you get up earlier or work after they sleep during the holidays to help you keep your work commitments.

School holidays are challenging when you work at home but can be managed so that everyone has a great time and your clients still love you.

Remember too that they are precious for spending time with your kids and it is important to not let work get in the way of sharing these special moments together.


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