How Systems Translate into Better Work Life Balance

better work life balanceBetter work life balance is within anyone’s reach!

When I first started my business, I have to admit, I was all over the place, and because I am based at home, it was really hard to be disciplined enough to develop the systems I wanted for a successful business and the elusive ‘better work life balance’.

It troubled me a lot. I sensed that information, consistency, value for my clients, as well as having quality time with my children was slipping through my fingers.

Despite my best intentions, my time and energy seemed wasted, because I felt like I wasn’t achieving much, that I wasn’t productive or focused, and most importantly, that I couldn’t pull it all together. I’m a Life Coach, and having to admit that I was feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and unfocused was like rubbing salt in my wounds.

In the end, I had to take a step back from my business and get my sh*t together, because I was drowning in a miserable mess of great ideas, a to-do list that wasn’t getting any shorter and a business that wasn’t supporting me.

I focused on building a system that I could trust. I trialled everything I could find, I researched every strategy, app, program and system, and finally I found Evernote.

I have to say, it took me a long time to see it’s potential, but I have trialled it for a while now, customised it for myself, as well as supported others to set it up, and it is now one of my best business and balance assets.

It has allowed me to

  • Systematise the regular tasks within my business

Balance translation: I don’t have to remember what to do every time

  • Manage information so much more efficiently

Balance translation: I have more freedom to spend my time on things that matter the most to me because I can file it quickly, but also recall it just as quickly, on any device, online or offline

  • Develop consistency with my client interactions

Balance translation: I have the space and time to think about how I can offer better value & services for my clients

  • Set reminders

Balance translation: put it this way – I no longer need to buy giant packs of sticky notes or put myself under extra pressure to remember everything

  • Plan like a pro

Balance translation: through better efficiencies and systems, I can plan my time much more realistically (instead of making a plan and just hoping for the best!)

  • Automate important processes using other programs like (If This Then That)

Balance Translation: again, saves me precious time through automation. For example, I set up automation systems to enable me to save and file posts and blogs

  • Find the clarity I need to progress my business

Balance Translation: with more and more clarity, I am much better able to say no to the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. I know what to spend my time on, and what not, because I have clearer directions. It is so much easier to say no now and not have that doubt, or to sign up for everything to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out). This is where my sense of balance is truest.

Favourite systems I have set up using Evernote are:

  • meal planning
  • client registration and management
  • social media content planning
  • a system to manage all of the links, apps, web clips, emails and little epics of information that I might need later.
  • All of these benefits of using systems translate into better balance because they ease the stress and build freedom into my life. Now I get to choose how I spend my time!


PS: If you would like to know more information about the information systems Aerlie is talking about, or Evernote, visit her website

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Her products are available online (for maximum flexibility for mums everywhere) and focus on planning, time and reducing stress.  Aerlie also carefully incorporates the essential ‘slow down strategies’ and support for making me-time, taking care of yourself, and mindfulness.
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