How to Survive Your Teen's First House Party

house party Teens, nowadays, are caught up with so much fun, excitement and thrill. But often, these characteristics can lead them in trouble. When my son went to his first house party in Melbourne, things did not go as expected. A few hours later, I received a phone call from the police about the party and I did not expect what I would hear. At first, I was really scared, but when I found out that nobody was hurt and that there has been just a minor interior damage, there was a sudden relief.

Someone accidentally set curtains on fire and the fire spread onto nearby DJ stand and hired audio equipment. Now, the problem was not about the damage in the house but how my son behaved during the incident. My wife and I always thought him to keep his wits about. You can’t foresee what will happen, accidents and incidents follow you through life and when something does happen, you need to keep calm, don’t lie and ask someone for help.

It’s also very hard for a parent to stay calm in that kind of situation so I’ve decided to write a few tips how I handled it.

Do not Panic

When I first heard the call from the authorities, I was shocked because our family does not usually get those type of calls. But if you ever receive one, do not jump to conclusions that your child is in danger. The best way to handle the call is to actually listen to everything the police have say. Do not panic yourself.  Keep calm and think things through thoroughly before acting or speaking.

Don’t Go too Hard on Your Child

I know it is hard to control temper when your child has done something wrong. Even I had a hard time dealing with my son being uncontrollable at some point. But what I have learned from it is that the problem doesn’t go away when you burst out and rush decisions.  What you can do is approach your child and deal with the problem itself.  If it is hard not to be so angry, then be sure to control your temper or better yet consider sleeping on it.


When I got angry with my son because of the incident at the party, I admit that I was really frustrated. But later on, I realised that I was going too far with my son. Instead of yelling at him, have a moment with your child and encourage him to be good. It is important for your child to understand that he can’t do whatever he likes with encouragement rather than teaching a lesson with an iron fist.

Make Use of a Chaperon

The next time your child attends a party, let him go with someone you can trust. There is always someone you can find: a cousin, neighbour that’s few years older then your son. I’ve done it, just to keep an eye out on what is happening at the party. I think it did make an impact since all his moves are closely monitored. At first, he was not happy with my ways but he did eventually take it since he does not really have a choice for what he did the last time. Of course, that’s not a permanent measure but, it could work next couple of times.



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