Super Creative Ways to Landing Interviews

landing interviewsThink outside the box to start landing interviews

The truth of the matter is that you have to stand out. There are millions of jobseekers out there and you don’t want to simply be one among the piles of resumes. With recruiters and hiring managers scanning resumes for a few seconds, it only makes it more important for you to stand out.

While outrageous colours and designs might not be the answer for all jobs, being creative with how you secure your job interview will make you stand out and might even land you the job. Here are some items that you can consider doing.

It’s about what you can do. Remember that companies want to know what you can bring to the position, and while it’s certainly good you have your credentials listed it’s even better if you show them. This means if you certainly want the job then show what you can do.

So if the job calls for a graphic designer or a visual artist then by all means make your resume into a work of art. If the job is about marketing, create a sample marketing campaign for the company and show them what you can do. If it’s about sales, then have a presentation ready that shows how you can help increase sales. It’s all about sending in a resume with actual proof that you can definitely do the job, who knows it might just help you skip the interview and get into the office directly.

Write your plans for the company. This would be in relation to showing the company what you can do, but this time on paper. Remember those job requirements that are included in job postings? Well, use them to your advantage and answer each one of them with your qualifications in a short letter which can even be in bullet points. This will signify to the recruiter that you’re one of the best people for the job. You can also include a letter in your resume that shows what you can do for the company. Outline your plans and what projected benefit will come out of it and it will show your future employers you’re more than just interested in the job.

Record your own sales pitch. Don’t be camera shy, show employers you know the industry and not only on paper. Record a short video of you talking about your experience and expertise with your insights into the trends and top issues of the industry. Upload your video on YouTube and include a link of it in your resume and all of your profiles in social media sites. Remember, you’re marketing yourself and your abilities so don’t be afraid to blow your own horn.

Use Social Networking Sites. Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect areas for you to get to know the people who are making the hiring decision as well as areas where you can showcase your abilities. Before sending in your resume, look for the people who make the decisions in LinkedIn or in Facebook so you can get to know them better. Learn about what type of professionals they prefer and what type of leader they may be. This will help you tailor your resume to fit their preference.

While it might sound a bit like stalking, don’t worry – current and prospective employers take a peek at your social networking profiles from time to time. Which is why, always have appropriate content in your profiles that helps build up your professional image. You can even put up your own ad in Facebook, advertising your skills and have it targeted to the people in the companies you want to work in. One of them will definitely stand up and take notice.

Start your own blog. You can also make use of blogs to increase your marketability, include a short video to give recruiters a chance to see you ‘face to face’ and to learn about your skills firsthand. Make sure that content in the blog showcases your knowledge and expertise so hiring managers and recruiters will see how suited you are for the job. Don’t forget that if you do start a blog, remember to put a link in each of your resumes.

There are definitely other creative ideas that can be done to increase the impact of your resume; the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that things always have to be appropriate to the job you’re applying for. This might seem like a lot of effort but it can definitely lead to greater rewards once you get that post. Remember to always strive to stand out among the throngs of other jobseekers.

Happy job hunting


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