Stay calm When Chaos Hits

stay calm when chaos hitsWant an easy way to stay calm when all hell is breaking loose at home?

Well the solution is literally a breath away.

Yep, pausing to take some deep, nasal breaths is the key to regulating your emotional state when you’re under duress.

You know the situation – your heart is racing; your thoughts are running haywire and your body is as tense as hell.

That’s when you’ve got to breathe.

Breathing affects the heart, the brain and the immune system.

Here’s how breathing calms you (the technical stuff)

It is the only visceral process that overrides conscious thought.

When voluntary, controlled breathing replaces out-of-control metabolic breathing the area in the brain that is in charge shifts to the cortex, which is where self-regulation occurs.

Slow, deep nasal breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system – responsible for calming us down.

There are three basic breathing exercises that I recommend to regulate your emotional state:

1. Belly Breaths: Hold your breath for one, breathe out through your nose for three, hold for one, breathe in through your nose for three, hold for one. Repeat.

2. Breathe into parts of your body: Focus on tense parts of your body such as your shoulders and direct your breathing to these parts.

3. Guided breathing: Use a simple mantra such as “In/out”, “Calm/ease”, “Smile/release” to guide you into a rhythmic breathing pattern.

It helps in really difficult situations to move away from the trigger to give yourself the space and opportunity to breathe.

Here’s to raising happy kids!


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