Spring Cleaning Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

spring cleaning your resumeGet one step closer to landing your dream job by spring cleaning your resume and LinkedIn profile

As we approach the end of 2014, many organisations will be looking to recruit staff in preparation for the new year. As the process of securing a new job has in recent times become more competitive, it is important to make sure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are refreshed and updated, in order to put your “best foot forward”.

Following is some invaluable advice with respect to spring cleaning your resume and LinkedIn profile:


When spring cleaning your resume, it is important to review your whole resume and ensure that it is completely up to date. Some questions you may like to ask yourself during this process include:

  1. Have a acquired any new skills, knowledge or experience that needs to be highlighted?
  2. What jobs have I worked in since last preparing my resume?
  3. Have I achieved anything that is worth a mention in my updated resume?
  4. What information is no longer relevant?
  5. Does my resume template / format reflect a modern resume?

LinkedIn Profile:

Your LinkedIn profile is just as important as your resume and should also be kept in good shape. If your LinkedIn profile is not constantly updated and/or fails to include enough information, then you limit your chances of being found by recruiters or people within your industry. Whilst all sections of your LinkedIn profile are important, the areas you may like to pay attention to include:

  1. Skills – this section should be updated each time you acquire a new skill
  2. Headline – if you have changed jobs or careers, make sure that your headline reflects this
  3. Summary – it is imperative that you update your summary each time you cease employment
  4. Groups – what groups can add value to your professional development? If you gain a new skill or develop a new interest in a particular area, make sure you look up groups that may be relevant on LinkedIn and participate in group discussions to raise your online profile

I hope these tips help. Good luck with it!


PS: If the thought of spring cleaning your Resume and LinkedIn profile fills you with fear or you simply don’t know where to start, let us do a FREE resume health check on it.  Use the feedback to correct your resume yourself or get a quote to get it done for you – it’s up to you.

Kylie Micallef

Kylie Micallef of Rewarding Resumés is passionate about assisting people in achieving their career aspirations.With a background in recruitment, HR and Professional Indemnity Insurance, Kylie is very skilled in perfecting resumes for clients at all levels, across all industries. Kylie has recently been featured in a number of articles and blogs as a result of my resume writing expertise, including: Dolly Magazine and blogs for Reverie Coaching (as a guest ‘Mumpreneur”) and Job Flex.

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