Secrets to Successful Job Sharing

job-sharingBefore the economic crisis and more recent financial hardships as a result of redundancies part time positions were the most competitive on the market.  Positions advertised with any degree of flexibility and those compatible with all the others attracted a significant amount of applications.  Job sharing in particular as opposed to casual positions were very popular.  Changes in the economy and priorities of families have seen the demand for these positions reduced.  However competition still remains high and job sharing is the preferred option for many applicants especially with school-age children.

Securing a position in a job share arrangement requires the ability to demonstrate a degree of flexibility and adaptability within your resume.  Once successful in achieving a position there are a number of factors that will contribute to working in partnership and maintaining the quality services required of an organisation.  Here are some simple tips to ensure you are successful in a job sharing role.

Initial Negotiation

Different to securing a full-time position initial negotiation is often required to establish duties and responsibilities between two employees.  In this situation you must remain flexible and willing to adapt over a period of time to ensure that each task has been successfully met and completed to organisational requirements.  This negotiation is an initial test on how well you can adapt to the flexible range of duties is required for a job share arrangement.

Changing Requirements

Constant review and assessment is required to continually monitor arrangements and ensure that all responsibilities are being met.  Negotiating with relevant stakeholders including supervisors and other team members is important to assessing the effectiveness of current arrangements and making appropriate adjustments.  You will need to provide information and participate in the discussions to continually refine and improve on established procedures.

Clear Communication

On the majority of occasions employees who job share the same position do not work at the same time.  Establishing clear and consistent communication pathways between each other to remain up-to-date with tasks completed, customer requirements and working towards meeting deadlines or other important issues is essential.  Using a systemised approach to communicating and passing on messages prevent mistakes and provides a smooth working environment.

Team Work

The most important component to employment in this type of role is your ability to work as a team member and in close partnership with at least one other person.  Demonstrating teamwork, flexibility, capacity to negotiate and professional communication at all times is essential.  Understanding the perspective of other team member contributes to a flexible arrangement.

Achieving employment in a flexible working environment can have significant benefits to family life and maintaining a work life balance.  At each stage of your initial application, interview and in employment your ability to demonstrate flexibility, sensitivity to the needs of others and professionalism especially under pressure is important.  As economic conditions change the demand for flexible working environments will increase.  Demonstrating the qualities required to function in this type of role will increase your chances of successfully gaining and keeping a job share position.

Best of luck with your application.

John Matthews

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John Matthews

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You can download a full list of tips and get other useful information from The Writing Wizards page -

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