The Secret Ingredient To Children’s School Success Is…

children's school successAnd school success’s secret ingredient is…positive parent participation!

If you want the best outcomes for your child or young person then it’s important that you become involved in as many aspects of your child’s education as practical.

The involvement of parents helps break down the mystique about school that can exist for some children.

Their chances of school success are better when they see school as an extension of home rather than merely an institution for learning.

Taking part in school activities is one valuable way of participating in your children’s learning. But, participating as a parent can be much broader than helping out in the classroom. There is a range of simple things you can do at home that will assist teachers to maximise the learning of your child.
These include: talking with your child about their day, hearing young learners read, helping with homework and making sure kids go off to school happy, healthy and having had plenty of sleep.

Here are some more ideas to help you participate in your child’s education in positive ways:

• Find out what your school is trying to achieve for your child and show your support for its aims. Discover what sets your child’s school apart from others.

• Support a broad, balanced curriculum that offers children a variety of educational experiences rather than a program that focuses narrowly on the traditional 3 R’s.

• Direct conversations through the correct channels such as your child’s teacher, the principal or the school’s governing body. Gossip or thoughtless criticism within the general community can easily tarnish a school’s reputation.

• Become an advocate for your child’s school and promote its positive features throughout the wider community. Encourage your child to take pride in their school through your example.

• Attend school activities such as open days, concerts, sports events and celebrations. Invite other members of the community along as well.

• Consult with your child’s teacher about practical ways that you can assist both at home and at school.


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