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school lunchesFrom Boring School Lunches To Brilliant In A Flash

With school just around the corner, you’ll no doubt be starting to dread the daily school lunch preparation.  Whilst it in itself is rather easy, it’s the creativity that is draining.   Ensuring you have the right balance of nutrients and variety day in day out is hard particularly when you want to know that it’s going straight into their stomach and not into the trash or being brought home again untouched.

Let’s face it. Kids and boring lunches won’t last long.  Here are some easy ways to spruce up your child’s school lunch in no time at all.

Sandwiches are more than two slices of bread

If you have a child that is just in love with cheese and vegemite sandwiches you’ll soon run out of ways to prepare it.  Triangles.  Squares.  In Half. Into fingers. Crusts on. Crusts off. Think that covers all the options am I right?   Nope.  The ultimate solution has to be the sandwich cutter.  These would have to be hands down the most fun way to jazz up a regular lunch.

They come in almost every shape under the sun and suit all tastes.  Don’t just limit it to bread though.  Cheese cut into love hearts or dinosaurs will be a hit in the playground.

Variation is that much easier

Trying to sneak in a lunch made from multi grain bread is like trying to pretend a plate of broccoli is as tasty as a plate of chips.  To a kid, it’s a complete no-no.  This is where these creative utensils work so well.  Your child will be so excited with his or her teddy bear they won’t realise the bread isn’t pure white.

A fussy eater will love the little bits on offer

Fussy eaters tend to graze so consider choosing a lunch box that comes complete with lots of little compartments.  Not only will they keep grapes in tact and biscuits crisp, but it will provide for choice.  You determine what’s on offer and they feel like they are in control.

Slices of tomato or grated carrot, shaved ham and cubes of cheese.   Add in a dry cracker or piece of bread and they can create their own lunch.  They will eat little bits from here and there, and without realising it have consumed a great variety of food.

Get kids involved with their school lunches

Children love getting involved with meal preparation so why not get them to plan their lunches.  In addition to helping you with the shopping, they may just come up with some clever ideas that never crossed your mind. Sure they will try to coerce you to add a few too many chocolates but it will give them a sense of pride and achievement to be a part of the whole process. After all, it is their lunch. Plus it takes a little pressure off you.  Give it a go!


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