Resume Tips: Adding Numbers Adds Up

Resumé-tipsNumbers make your resumé better

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager.  Would you rather go for a person who says they wrote press releases or could you see yourself leaning toward  someone who says they wrote 30 press releases over a period of three weeks with a daily deadline?  Most people would go for the applicant who quantified what he/she was able to do under pressure of a deadline and in a short period of time.

The above example illustrates how including numbers in your resumé and quantifying your accomplishments can greatly make a difference when it comes to getting hired.  Or at the very least you’ll get an interview sooner rather than later with your resumé showing some cold, hard facts via numbers.  Below we’ve listed a few resumé tips that you can do to help you add those all important numbers into your resumé.

Money matters.  In your previous roles or even whilst doing volunteer work, were you able to save money, did you earn money or even manage money? Cutting a cost by 20% due to your recommendation or bringing in $20,000 in donations or managing a budget of $10,000 would be much better in the eyes of a hiring manager than simply saying you saved money for your company in a previous job.

Time equals money.  Organisations are always on the look out to optimise their use of time as it usually equates to money being saved.  Be sure to highlight your ability to provide recommendations that help save time as it will definitely interest interviewers and hiring managers.  Emphasise how you ensured timely payment for employees or how you expedited deliveries using a new method or how you lessened the order time for a specific product.

Provide specifics.  Resumés often only include descriptions of our past accomplishments and we omit including how much we saved or sold or how many we oversaw or produced.  Having specific numbers will increase the chances of employers looking at your resumé.  Let them know that you oversaw 10 people or how you trained 10 classes, each with 20 new employees.  Specifics add up and can help separate you from the crowd.

By using time, money and specific amounts in your resumé, the more chances it will be seen by more interviewers and hiring managers than if you were vaguer about your achievements.  Specifics do the best job of highlighting your successes and demonstrates in no uncertain terms of your potential as an excellent employee to bring in to the hiring organisation.  Good luck!


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