How To Remain Confident In A Job Interview

confident in a job interviewJob Interviews are one of those things that so many people dread. They can be intimidating, nerve wracking and almost like a test in some cases. It is very difficult to remain confident in a job interview. One important thing to remember however, is that if you have secured an interview, that means the recruiter / potential employer believes you have what it takes to potentially be successful in the position they are looking to fill.

The most important thing anyone can do before an interview is prepare, prepare and prepare! There is access to a lot of useful information regarding interview preparation these days, particularly on the internet.

Some tips to help ensure you remain confident and focused in a job interview include:

  1. PREPARE! There are some common questions that are used in interviews across all industries, that you can prepare your responses for. For instance, why are you interested in this position? How do you believe you can add value to this position? What are your top 3 skills / strengths?
  2. STAND UP! If you are taking a phone call from a recruiter or potential employer and you feel nervous, stand up whilst you are speaking to them. Also, whilst in the ‘waiting area’ before a job interview, to calm your nerves, do not sit down. Stay standing and greet your interviewer standing up on the same level.
  3. RESEARCH! It is imperative that you know as much as possible about the company the job is with, and the actual role itself. If you can provide the interviewer with a general understanding of the company, and explain what you believe is involved in the role, then you have a great start!
  4. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE! If you are extremely nervous or want to give the job interview process your absolute best shot, you can contact a professional interview trainer / coach. This is a great investment in your career.

Last but not least, ensure you are dressed for the occasion! NO jeans, No thongs or casual sandals and I would strongly recommend that all piercings are removed, unless you only have one in each ear. A neat suit (or black pants and plain shirt) with clean shoes and hair pulled back (or styled neatly) is all that is required.



Kylie Micallef

Kylie Micallef of Rewarding Resumés is passionate about assisting people in achieving their career aspirations.With a background in recruitment, HR and Professional Indemnity Insurance, Kylie is very skilled in perfecting resumes for clients at all levels, across all industries. Kylie has recently been featured in a number of articles and blogs as a result of my resume writing expertise, including: Dolly Magazine and blogs for Reverie Coaching (as a guest ‘Mumpreneur”) and Job Flex.

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