Private Vs. Public Schools: How to Decide

public vs privatePublic Vs. Private, the great debate continues…

Public vs. private schools is a debate that rages all throughout the living rooms across the entire United States of America. In fact, a GreatSchools and Harris poll showed that from 2009 many parents, worried about the state of the economy, are reconsidering what type of school their children should attend. Nearly one in four parents is currently considering changing their kid’s school from private to public and vice versa.

So what is a better solution for our children? Can you even compare public and private schools when they seem so different?

Any parent knows that this is a though choice, because choosing the right school for their offspring is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Some people will have a personal bias no matter what. Some believe that private schools offer superior education that justifies their tuition costs, while others think that public schools can provide more real-life experiences.

Therefore, to help you make a right decision for your youngster, we have compiled a list of advantages of private and public schools.

Benefits of private schools

  • Classes are much smaller

According to a research conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), private schools are usually as half as large as public schools. Many specialists think that kids in smaller schools are less likely to get lost in the crowd, which naturally cultivates a sense of community and belonging. In addition, the teacher-student ratio tends to be more favorable in a private school – on average; the ratio is 9:1 in private schools as opposed to 17:1 ratio in public schools.

  • Strong parent involvement

Private schools are known to encourage parents’ participation in various activities. Not only that, but it is also true that parents of the private school students tend to be exceptionally committed to having a say in their kid’s education.

  • Less bureaucracy

Private schools spend less time on required paperwork because they do not have to abide to certain state regulations, so they spend more time on teaching. They also give the teachers more creative control over their teaching methods, because they are not compelled to focus on test scores as much as public schools are.

Advantages of public schools

  • Teachers are more experienced

Teachers in public schools tend to be more experienced than their private school counterparts. The relaxed atmosphere of private schools isn’t always appreciated by the parents; some of them simply want a stricter environment for their child, thinking that that experience will help them later in life.   

  • More activities for students

Public schools can offer better extra-curricular activities for schoolchildren, because they are simply bigger than private schools – for example, they usually have enough students to pull off a successful science fair.  In addition, state laws require public schools to provide disability services for kids and they are more likely to have gifted and remedial programs, too.

  • More budget friendly

For poorer students, private schooling is usually out of reach. For those parents public schools are not a choice, sometimes they are the only option. However, you can still enroll your child through a school easy pay program in some of the finest private schools out there. Although public schools are more budget friendly, at the end of the day high quality education should come first.


There is no overall right or wrong answer regarding whether public or private school education is best for your child. Probably the best thing to do when making this decision is to consider the various factors and weigh in which ones are most important to you. Finally, you have to start early; most schools begin their enrollment program the year before the school year and if you are targeting popular private schools – better start today.

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