Post-Holiday Blues and How To Get Your Employees’ Mojo Back


post holiday bluesHow employers can help reduce their employee’s post-holiday blues

It’s that time of the year again when you have to put away your Christmas presents and put on some real clothes and head back to work. (Where did the holiday go?!)  It is time to head back to office – a place usually quite jovial and energetic, now filled with despair and inertia as people start returning from their holidays feeling sluggish and lethargic. So what can you as an employer do to raise your employees’ spirits?

Presenting four essential tips to help you help your employees overcome their post holiday tension and re-engage with their responsibilities and workplace:

Encourage Employees To Focus On Smaller Tasks

Often times, people feel they are behind on their work at this time of the year – so they try to jump in at full-speed. As an employer, you can remind them that they are already dealing with the pressure of returning back. So ask them to take a week or two before getting back into routine. You could try conducting some group activities or even having a small ceremony for recognising the jobs well done in the past year. Managers could also delegate important and challenging tasks while leaving the mundane ones, so employees can work on things that truly matter.

Acknowledge That The Holidays Are A Season Of Excess

Excess food, excess sleep, excess ‘bubbles’ and ‘hops’ – the works. So try and encourage employees to ‘detox’ and suggest ways of getting back to routine with regular healthy diet, exercise and so on. Encourage employees to make the most of their time – such as using the lunch hour to reconnect with each other, or, if possible do some Yoga, light exercise or relaxation. Walking around or even having lunch as a team can help them return to reality. You can set up team-building exercises or seminars if possible.

Break The Post-Holiday Re-Entry To Work Into 3 Phases

Catching up, letting go and moving on are the 3 phases of re-entering work after the Holidays. For some employees, even the catching up phase can induce despair. So ease their burden by declaring holding off on assignments. In the letting go phase, get people to celebrate the Holidays but also ease them into focusing on the ‘here and now’. You could, for example, ask employees to reflect on what they learned during the Holidays which could help them at work. In the moving on phase, get them excited about an upcoming project. After all; it is always easier to move on when there is something to look forward to.

Watch Out For Blues Outlasting The Holidays

As a manager, watch out for signs of depression which signal something much deeper than the normal post holiday blues, where the blues might outlast the Holidays. So, if someone seems uncharacteristically moody or lethargic beyond 2-3 weeks of the holidays, they might need additional support. A little grumpiness or lack of motivation is normal – but if someone is struggling to meet targets or deadlines repeatedly, then you might want to encourage them to seek help.

Getting your employees’ Mojo back post-holidays is all about reconnecting with them and re-engaging them using the appropriate strategy. Try and offer staff perks to make the work and the workplace healthy, stimulating and inspiring so employees can start looking forward to getting back to the routine.

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