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work at homeAdministrators:  Part Time Job Vs. Work at Home Business – Here’s How to Decide

Will 2015 be the year of the part time job or the year of the work at home business for you?  Tis the season to be worrying about what you’ll do next year.   If your kids are starting school in 2015 and you receive any sort of Centrelink payment, the government may start asking about your plans soon!  Let’s face it, there are few places grimmer than a Centrelink office to while away the hours!

If you’re considering a part time administration job in 2015 you’re probably grimacing over the lack of flexible working options out there.   So, do you suit up and boot up and head off to interviews with hundreds of other hopeful mums, or do you start seeking work at home jobs online?  And, I’m talking real work at home jobs, not get rich quick schemes and multi-level marketing!

Administrative Jobs Online

Firstly, if you’re hoping for a company like BHP to offer you work at home while on their payroll, you’re going to struggle.  Doing admin online is usually about becoming a Virtual Assistant.  Virtual Assistants usually work across 2-10 clients at any one time on a set hourly rate.  Most Virtual Assistants charge between $25 and $40 per hour and provide a broad range of administrative and marketing tasks. Usually though, you’ll be the one who performs the tasks that full time staff either dislike or have no time to complete.  This generally means data entry, social media scheduling and similar!  Like every job though, the more skills you have, the more useful you can be!

Part Time Job Vs. Work At Home Admin

The case for the part time job.

  • You will have guaranteed hours and be paid for every hour you work
  • You can go home at the end of the day – not do invoicing and promotion
  • Once you find a job, you’re relatively secure
  • You will have a boss, workmates and other “support”
  • You will have paid sick and holiday leave, super and all the other good stuff
  • You will make friends and talk to people who like stuff other than Barbie or Angry Birds

The case for work at home administration

  • You have total flexibility with your time – perfect for sick kiddies and mental health days!
  • You can make more money by pursuing new customers
  • You can dump annoying clients
  • You don’t have a boss, you can run your biz the way you want
  • If you’re a driven, motivated person, you have the potential to grow your business and make money from people contracting to you
  • You can work without a bra (this is what sold it for me!)

The case against starting your own virtual assistant business

  • If you’re in a tough financial situation, you may wish to seek a job – security is not assured in self-employment.
  • It takes time to build up a customer list and some of those will fall away (this hurts feelings).
  • If you’re not good at managing your own time, sticking with things or staying motivated, you could put a lot of time into your business and it all be wasted.
  • You’re entering a competitive industry with no track record – you may have to “work cheap” until you get established.
  • You’ll work “unpaid hours” – more than you think – marketing your business, doing your own admin, making sales, setting up templates etc.

How to get started in work at home admin

Setting up a work at home business can be done cheap, or even free (if you have a few basic online marketing, design and admin skills) Once you have an ABN and a place to market yourself (Facebook pages are free to set up) you can start hunting for clients.  Lordy, how do you do that?

  • Former Employers and Family Friends.  Put the word out that you’re looking to do overflow work with former employers, local businesses and friends.  These will often become your best clients.
  • Other Virtual Assistants.  Contact all the virtual assistants you can find and offer them your services.
  • Social Media.  Watch the business groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus for opportunities
  • Freelancer websites.  Ok, so these are where the work is at, tens of thousands of jobs up for grabs…. At $5 an hour.  Here you’ll compete with freelancers working for a few bucks an hour in countries where that’s a LOT of money.  To get better rates on freelancer websites, look for ads that request Australian workers, stress quality work, English as a first language, and contact via telephone.  These are all “code words” for “will pay more”.  If you choose to use, do the certification tests (they’re free) and put some effort into your profile.  Take a few little jobs to get your star rating and recommendations up – then you can put your prices up.
  • Job Boards.  Set up notifications on job sites like Lifestyle Careers and even Seek. Look for part time, from home, flexible work.  You can also set up Google Alerts for terms like “virtual assistant Brisbane” etc

So, part time administrative work or work at home business?

Part-time admin job or work at home Virtual Assistant business?  They’re both excellent options…for the right person.  If you’re not inclined to work HARD to set up your business then you should consider very carefully if it’s the right option for you.  Running your own business is an emotional rollercoaster with big wins and plenty of anxiety.  It’s certainly not for everyone but if you can make it work, it’s so terribly, terribly rewarding.  Life is sweet when you’re making money but not wearing a bra!



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