New Year Parenting Resolutions, Goals & Improvements

new year parenting resolutionsThe start of the year is the time to instigate improvements in your parenting and what better way than to set some new year parenting resolutions. Psychologically as a parent you are ready to fine tune your child-rearing and and kids are up for change too.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to help you choose your New Year’s parenting resolutions this year.

  1. Teenagers with good mental health generally live in families that have at least 6 meals together each week with technology off. Will your family come together enough this year?
  2. Modern children need parents who are digitally-aware to keep them safe and help them negotiate the online world. Would you consider yourself a digitally-aware parent?
  3. Effective parents match their parenting style to kids’ current developmental needs. Are you meeting your children’s current needs or are you meeting the needs of their previous stage?
  4. Gender differences in kids are bigger than we often credit. How gender aware are you as a parent?
  5. Sibling relationships generally outlast the parent-child relationship. What are you doing to foster close relationships between children?
  6. Parents either make their kids dependent on them or aim at making their kids independent of them. Will you live in Dependency Drive or roll down Redundancy Road this year?
  7. Healthy families experience a compliment to criticism ratio of at least 5 to 1. How’s the mood in your family and how will you contribute to it this year?
  8. Great families are lead by ‘intentional’ parents with strong values that govern their parenting behaviour. Have you thought about the five key values that you want you kids to develop this year? What will your family’s brand look like this year?

Okay, that’s enough to get you thinking about your parenting for the upcoming year.


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Michael Grose

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