3 (of 10) mindsets for parenting success

parenting successAll parents want to be successful and raise kids to be happy and contributing members of our community. Good intentions are not enough.

Often there is no difference between one parent and another in terms of skills, knowledge and understanding of kids. However, the biggest difference can be found in parents’ mindsets, rather than their parenting skills and understandings.

Here are 3 (of 10) mindsets for parenting success:

1. Believe in your child

This is easy if you have an early maturer, a child who has talents you value, or one who easily achieves anything he or she puts his mind too. But it’s a different story if you have a child who struggles at school or to make friends, or just has a different interest to you. Your belief in your child’s abilities is revealed through your expectations, your body language, even the expression on your face.

2. Look for the best

What you focus on expands so if all you see is misbehaviour, weakness and poor performance than you’ll get more of those things. Set your antennae for children’s strengths, abilities and social behaviours and you’ll invariably get more of those.

3. Think long term

If you want your child to become independent then don’t do everything for him or her; you need to teach them some skills so they can become self-sufficient.
Awareness, teaching and opportunity are the main requirements for kids to pick up these skills. They need to be aware of what can be done. They need to acquire the skills- some take more teaching than others. They also need the opportunity to put things into practice.

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