Merry Xmas 2014

merry xmas 2014Merry Xmas 2014

It’s become a tradition at School Hours to provide a Xmas wrap-up post, to summarise the year that was and to outline the year that will be.  And what a strange year we’ve had!  As with many first time small business owners, things haven’t gone exactly to plan, however this has made way for a new plan and we’re even more excited about this than we were of the original plan.

What hasn’t changed here at School Hours HQ is our commitment to providing a family friendly employment service to Australian parents and employers.  We still believe that Australian parents are among some of the best employees that a business could hope to find and that Australian employers providing family friendly employment operations will yield the benefits associated with workplace flexibility.

2014 – The year that was

  • 24K Facebook – Woo hoo!  We’re aiming to double this in 2015, so when we post something you think is good, please be sure to like it, comment on it and share it to help us reach this target.
  • We Launched The Job Board – Probably the biggest moment of the year was finally pushing the “on” button on our job board in April. After nearly 2 years preparation and planning, it was a big day.
  • Yasmin Leaves Us – The chance to work with your lifelong mentor doesn’t come around everyday and so when it did come around, Yasmin couldn’t refuse. Yasmin remains as a co-founding director though.
  • New direction – With no Yasmin, we’ve had to take a new direction to achieve the listing numbers we wanted.  With the website now set up to “aggregate” suitable listings, we will soon have 1000’s of job listings with 1000’s more coming.

2015 – The year that will be

  • Every family friendly employment opportunity – Without the barrier of having to see or call every employer in the country to get listings, we literally can have every family friendly job in the country on our website.
  • Top job highlighting – Having all the family friendly jobs in one place will mean we can rank them.  If a job being offered is beyond awesome, you’ll be the first to know via job alerts, Facebook, Twitter and the blog.
  • Top employer highlighting – Want to know if an employer is really family friendly or they are just jumping on the “family friendly” bandwagon? We’ll be able to tell you that  as well.
  • Additional Services –  For jobseekers, we are looking to add skills testing modules to spruce up your skills and identify areas for improvement as well as strengthening our Resume Writing Services by adding LinkedIn profiles.  Employers won’t miss out either with more attention paid to your needs as well.

In short with every family friendly employment opportunity in the country listed on our website, will realise our dream of becoming the one and only place Australian parents will think of to find family friendly employment.  As the word spreads, it will also become the place Australian employers and recruiters look for loyal, reliable talent to fill vacant family friendly positions.

How much do you value workplace flexibility? How appreciative would you be if your employer gave you a little flexibility? Would you want to repay them by being the best employee you could be?  If the answer is yes, comment below about how important workplace flexibility is to you and we’ll make sure that Australian employers know about it.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us to date; from the guest bloggers on the blog, the employers who have listed jobs and the jobseekers who have searched for and applied for those jobs, we appreciate your help in getting us this far and are looking forward to repaying your early support with more of what you are looking for in a family friendly employment website.  Have a safe and merry Xmas and a happy new year.

Leigh (& Yasmin) – School Hours Co-Founders & Directors


Leigh Grigaliunas

Leigh is an owner and co-founder of School Hours Pty Ltd.Leigh's passion for helping others coupled with his desire to achieve a balance between raising children and earning a living, lead him to create School Hours Pty Ltd with his wife Yasmin.School Hours will be the place to go for Australian parents wanting to connect with progressive thinking, family friendly employers.

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