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make your resume sparkleToday’s dynamic workplaces require employees who are able to wear a number of different hats on the job. No matter how much experience you’ve accumulated, you can show off your versatility to employers by taking short courses to boost your skills. Short courses may range from a single seminar to a year or more, teaching a specific skill set which can help give you practical knowledge to use in the workplace. They can build upon an existing university degree or formalise the knowledge you’ve gained through work experience. Yet some skills are in higher demand than others. By taking any of the following short courses, you can gain a competitive edge over other candidates and make your resume sparkle.

Conflict Resolution

Self-development courses such as interpersonal communication, leadership, or conflict resolution can make you stand out as a candidate. The completion of a conflict resolution course shows that you have the skills needed to be a valuable team player, and that you have the ability to take charge of difficult interpersonal situations on the job. This type of soft skill is easily transferable in between different workplace settings, making it an important boost to any CV.

Project Management

The ability to oversee a project from beginning to end is useful in almost every industry, and employers are always on the hunt for job candidates with valuable project management skills. A short course in project management can teach you how to break large tasks into smaller ones, assign tasks to other employees, and use your time to its ultimate efficiency.

Computer Technology

The world of technology is constantly changing, so even if you have a degree in computer technology from ten years ago many of your skills will be outdated. Even if you’re not applying for a job in the IT field, a short course that teaches you how to use a popular software program or the basics of coding can be quite useful. Have a look at these online courses in Australia to see just how many subjects fall under this category, and which could apply to your field.

First Aid

Some positions require candidates to hold a current First Aid certificate. This could include a position in the hospitality and tourism field, or on construction sites. Yet a First Aid qualification is generally seen as an asset to any workplace.


If you’re thinking about transitioning from employee to employer and running your own business someday, you’ll need to know how to manage the financial side of it. Taking a bookkeeping course shows employers that you are practical and profit-minded.

Earning these qualifications can give you added confidence when you start applying for jobs, but how can you best highlight them on your CV? Jobseekers are often given the advice to avoid listing every course or giving detailed descriptions of coursework in an effort to streamline the CV. However, you can list these relevant short courses under the “Education” section of your CV, directly under your degree or other qualification. Be sure to include the date that you completed the course so that potential employers can see that your skills are up-to-date. This is particularly important with something like computer technology, which is a rapidly changing subject. By taking the time to upgrade your skill set with short courses in high demand, you can help your CV stand out from the crowd.

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