LinkedIn Tips: Top 5 Tips For A Killer Profile

linkedin-tipsIf you haven’t heard of Linkedin by now then perhaps you’ve been living under a rock – or, like the majority of people, you may have loaded your profile but you are not really sure what to do next!  

LinkedIn is an efficient and effective online way to connect with other professionals.

It’s been called the ‘Facebook for Business’ but it is really more of a strategic personal branding tool.  It is designed to ‘get you found’ and is transforming the way people think about careers.

LinkedIn has over 210 million profiles and in 2009 over 70% of executive were recruited as a result of a search on Linkedin.

However, it isn’t just a recruitment tool, it is also the easiest (and cheapest!) way to promote your talents and share your expertise.

One of my areas of expertise is assisting people to create a LinkedIn profile which grabs them maximum results, whether they are looking to find the next career or increase their business network.

My five LinkedIn tips to have a killer profile are:

  1. Connect with others. This might seem simple but I see a lot of profiles of clients who don’t connect with anybody.  Our research tells us that your search results will start to kick in at about 40 connections.   Also, you will only turn up in search results where you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd connection.
  2. Keyword Optimise. Linkedin is a Search Engine Optimised site so those who have the most keywords are the people who get found the easiest.   For example, If am searching for someone who can assist with marketing I will type in the keywords “Marketing Consultant Brisbane”.  The person with the most keywords will turn up in that search result along with the person who is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connection.
  3. Ask for recommendations. The best way to get a recommendation is to give one! For every 10 people you ask, you normally get 5 back so ask away.  Also, if you can, ask them to add your keywords.
  4. Ensure your title reflects the keywords that you want to be found for. If your title is “Director of Zenith Associates”, the likelihood of someone trying to find you is very low. Ensure your title reflects what you do, for example if you are the Director of Zenith Associates based in Sydney, but you are actually a Bookkeeper, ensure your title is “Bookkeeper Sydney”.
  5. Use the media plugins. This is the biggest opportunity missed with many of my clients.  The summary and experience areas have the option to add in videos, documents; graphics which can help showcase your talents.

On a final note, with dramatic changes to the Australian job landscape, LinkedIn has become more important than ever to build networks.  Unfortunately, those who don’t have strong networks are suffering considerably.


Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a Master Career Director based in Brisbane Australia.She works with clients to explore their career options and take the right steps towards achieving that great career.She also offers LinkedIn one day workshops and an outstanding LinkedIn profile writing service. has been featured as the ‘Job Whisperer’ on today tonight, Brisbane Business News, CLEO magazine and

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