LinkedIn For Jobseekers – A Valid Way To Land Your Next Job?

linkedin-unlockedIs LinkedIn for jobseekers a worthwhile use of time?

Until recently, when looking for a new job the first source people would turn to are newspapers and online job boards such as Seek, My Career (and shortly School Hours). Now, social media is proving to be a powerful tool to use when trying to land your next job. Companies are using mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase their presence, promote their services to their targeted market and to attract the right talent.

LinkedIn in particular, is becoming an increasingly popular tool to use when looking for a new job. LinkedIn crossed the 5 million member mark in Australia just a few days ago, which accounts for approximately 4 out of 5 professionals.  With stats like that, why would you not want to be on there? Just in case you’re still not convinced, here are our top 5 reasons why being active on LinkedIn can help you land your next job:

  1. LinkedIn is a popular ‘database’ used by recruiters to search for candidates suitable for the roles they are recruiting. It is not uncommon for recruiters to search on Linkedin for candidates before posting their ads on online job boards
  2. LinkedIn also acts as an online job board, where recruiters and companies are able to advertise positions they are actively recruiting
  3. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and networking has been a proven method to secure a new job for a lot of people. The saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has a lot of truth in it when it comes to securing a new job. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it provides you with the ability to join hundreds of professional networking groups, where you can form relationships with prospective employers and people within the industry you would like to work in. It gives you the chance to introduce yourself to HR and recruitment professionals, as well as participate in discussions that could increase your chances of being recognised.
  4. If your profile is set up properly, you make it easier for recruiters to find you when they search LinkedIn for candidates
  5. Last but not least, using a professional social media platform to represent yourself to people within your industry or line of work, including recruiters and employers is a great way to portray your professionalism, and depending on how actively you use your profile (e.g. participating in group discussions and sharing information), you can demonstrate your commitment to your career

So there you have it. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, this should be some pretty compelling data why you ought to be.  Using LinkedIn for jobseekers should be as common a tool as the paper was a decade ago.  Will you step-up your LinkedIn efforts based on this?


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Kylie Micallef

Kylie Micallef of Rewarding Resumés is passionate about assisting people in achieving their career aspirations.With a background in recruitment, HR and Professional Indemnity Insurance, Kylie is very skilled in perfecting resumes for clients at all levels, across all industries. Kylie has recently been featured in a number of articles and blogs as a result of my resume writing expertise, including: Dolly Magazine and blogs for Reverie Coaching (as a guest ‘Mumpreneur”) and Job Flex.

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