Leaving Your Imprint

leaving your imprintApparently there are more than 7 billion people on earth… WOW, that’s a lot of people! So, how can you go about leaving your imprint on the world when there are many amazing people around doing some outstanding things? How can you make a difference? What can you do in this lifetime that impacts others and leaves your imprint so you’re remembered when you’re gone? Will you impact in a good way, or not so good?

You are the Director in your own story. If you were to write your own eulogy, what do you want it to be like? How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to be remembered for?

When we wrote my father’s eulogy, my fear was that we wouldn’t do him justice, yet, on the day of the funeral I realised, it didn’t matter so much what we wrote, because for every person who attended the funeral, Dad had touched their lives in some way, each held their own personal memories of how he made an impact on them, he had left an imprint.

My Dad was a simple man, who led an uncomplicated life. He was a Postmaster who lived the majority of his adult life in a small town of 2050 people, which probably doesn’t sound very exciting, yet…. he literally packed out a cathedral at his funeral! So many people turned up to honour Dad because, although he led a simple life, he had a way about him that left an impact on everybody he met.

My Dad was the perfect example that you don’t have to be rich or famous to make a difference, you don’t have to be an inventor or a novelist to be remembered, and it doesn’t have to be hard to leave a lasting imprint, little things can make a big difference!

Dad was so refreshing to be around. He had a child-like enthusiasm and was easily pleased. He would bring humour into almost any situation. Dad was soft-hearted, non-judgemental and saw the good in everyone. He had a genuine interest in people, had a nickname for everyone he met, and had a habit of making people feel welcome, comfortable and important. He was extremely charitable and volunteered his time unselfishly to help others in a number of organisations.

As a father (with Mum) he supported and encouraged us kids in all our sporting events, activities and school work and even though there were 5 of us he had a way of making us all feel special and always spared quality time to spend with us. He was also a devoted Son, Husband and Grandfather. His love and devotion was very evident and much appreciated by his family.

How can you leave your mark on this world? Being a Parent is an incredible privilege, and, a great place to start to make a difference. Parenting can be your opportunity to leave an everlasting positive imprint on the lives of your children, which they too will pass down to their children, and so on. Consider three main qualities you’d like your children to have, how do you want them to live their lives? Should you choose, your answer will give you what you may want to work on/live by to leave your imprint.

It doesn’t just take a Princess, Prime Minister, President or a Prima Donna to make a mark. You’ve already started leaving your imprint; it’s up to you whether it’s positive or negative, memorable or forgetful. Start by making a difference in your own world, be the person you want your kids to be, and be impressive!


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Kerry Townsend

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