Are You Just Falling Short Of The Finishing Line?

finishing-lineAre you in the habit of starting things and not finishing what you start? Do you find that you’re not quite getting yourself or your project over the finishing line? Do you ever start a task only to be overwhelmed mid-way and then give up? It’s easy to launch into an activity with a burst of enthusiasm, but it’s another thing altogether to actually complete it. Is it a pattern for you to get caught up in the thrill of the chase and getting a new project started, only to find the excitement fades when  you realise the work involved and then you get distracted by the thrill of another? Unfinished tasks create clutter, disorganisation and overwhelm!

Whether it’s a decent sized project or everyday tasks, if you are in the habit of not finishing what you start, incompletion creates more work for yourself and therefore robs your time. You risk having no sense of achievement by hopping from one project to the other and berating yourself as a result and not moving forward.


What’s the point of baking a cake if you don’t put the icing on top? Without it you don’t get to appreciate the effort you’ve put in as it seems pointless and unsatisfying without it!


Effective planning and organised practices eliminates burnout and encourages motivation making productive use of your time. Focus leads to great momentum and results. Success will come when you’re committed to completing things regardless of what is in the way.


List all your projects you want to do and need to get finished and beside each one write down what it would mean for you if you complete it, then analyse why are you not allowing yourself that pleasure? It could be that it takes too much effort, or that it’s too hard to finish or that it’s too time consuming? Or, it could be an underlying belief you don’t deserve it that’s stopping you prematurely.  Awareness of your patterns and the reasoning behind them will help you have an understanding of why you’re not completing things, and it will take persistence and consistency to break the cycle. Prioritize your list and finish one project before going on to the next.

Small consistent improvements over a period of time allow you to move up to a greater level of empowerment and satisfaction in your life by persevering. You can make it easier for yourself by setting daily or weekly mini goals and treating yourself with rewards upon completion. If it’s the filing cabinet you want to attack, look to doing one file a day or 5 files in one week. One or two hours a week might be better, don’t over-commit, you want to give yourself the incentive to be consistent. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Constantly remind yourself of the cake analogy – don’t start something unless you’re willing to see it through, complete with icing/cream on top and reap the rewards!  You deserve it!


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Kerry Townsend

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