What Not To Do At Your Next Job Interview

What Not To Do At Your Next Job InterviewInterview Mistakes You Should Not Make

We’ve regularly covered what you should be doing during your interviews, however we’ve never really explained what not to do.  So this time around, we’ll give you some job interview tips outlining mistakes that some interviewees make before and during interviews in the hope it will help you avoid them.

Now we should point out that many of the points discussed here may sound like small details that don’t really matter, but we hate to say it, it really is the little things that count and that could set you apart from your competition.  Keep in mind that during the application process, your potential employer will be constantly scrutinizing you, so expect that every little detail does count.

Here are some of the mistakes that you should absolutely avoid when doing an interview or applying for a job:

Don’t have spelling and grammar errors.  While these are particularly bad if the job you’re applying for requires you to have excellent communication skills, they can stop your progress at stage one regardless of the job.  If you leave typos and grammatical errors in your resume, expect it to wind up in the bin.

Don’t use crazy email addresses.  Email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] may impress your friends, when you’re 12, but it’s doubtful they’ll impress a potential employer.  If you picked your email address while in your teens, it’s time for a revamp.

Don’t provide false information. This is obvious right, but plenty of people try it and plenty get caught.  Just recently the CEO of Yahoo was caught lying on his resume.  He got fired and he’ll probably struggle to get a similar role again.  Interviewers always check, so just stick to the facts.

Don’t dress like a clown.  While your current job may allow you to dress differently, you should always dress for an interview in a professional manner.  Avoid heavy perfume, after-shave lotion or cologne and too much jewellery, as they might distract the interviewer from focusing on your skills.

Don’t touch your mobile phone.  Taking a phone call or reading a text message or email in an interview will (should) cost you the job.  I can’t believe people would do this, but apparently it happens.  In case you’d be tempted, simply turn it off.  Also be sure to silence any alerts, alarms, etc.

Don’t discount the phone interview’s importance.  This is your first chance to impress, so make it count.  Find a quiet, distraction free place, with good reception.  Have a pad to make notes and even add your own notes beforehand listing strengths, weaknesses, goals and any questions you may have.

Remember success is getting all the little things to come together.  If you’re genuinely serious about getting the role you’re applying for, make sure you don’t do any of these things.  Preparation is the key to success, so set yourself apart by being as prepared as possible.  Good luck!



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