Job Interview Tips: Get The Edge

Job Interview Tips Get The EdgeHow do you be successful when looking for family friendly employment?

Family friendly employment opportunities are popular. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of applications for a single advertisement.  With the launch of our family friendly employment website only a few short weeks away, we thought we’d continue on the theme of helping you make the most of it with some job interview tips to give you the edge.

Successful jobseekers will always have a multi-angle approach to achieving success with their jobseeking and this philosophy will almost certainly bring about success in a shorter period of time. The following tips aim to add more depth to your efforts and should help you land the job of your dreams sooner rather than later.


Whether it’s on one or more website, complete your profile using keywords and phrases that best explain what you have done and what you are keen to do.  Once it is complete, you will need to keep it up to date, particularly with skills you acquire, courses you attend and wins you have in a business sense.  Be critical on yourself to ensure it’s all it can be.  If the employer with your dream job looks in on you, what will they see?  Is it lacking in places? If so consider strategies to make it stronger and get to work on implementing them.


Make sure your resumé details are always up to date.  Much like your profile, your resumé constantly evolves, so be sure to add to it as regularly as need be.  Also make sure it isn’t dated.  Resumé styles change and what recruiters and hiring managers look for changes as well.  If you can’t tell whether your resumé is up to scratch, get a trusted friend or a professional to look at it.  Resumé health checks are inexpensive and will immediately identify any deficiencies.  If your resumé does need work, either correct it yourself or engage a professional to do it for you.


Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know LinkedIn is a jobseeker’s best friend. Over 2 million Australians are now part of the professional network. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a type of social media for professionals. You can think of Facebook as being a pub, while LinkedIn is a business mixer. Used effectively, LinkedIn can open doors, establish strategic relationships for you and have you being sought out for jobs, not the other way around.  Stay tuned for a LinkedIn only article in the near future to help you make the most of just this aspect of jobseeking.


On top of the items above, the best advice I can give you is to prepare yourself to be contacted, interviewed and hired.  Make sure you’re as sharp as you can be whilst jobseeking.  If you’re not in the workforce, consider doing daily brain exercise (Lumosity, PositScience & BrainMetrix) to get your mind back in the game.  Ensure you’re up to speed with topics relating to your career by reading newspapers, blogs and industry publications. Finally visualise yourself getting phone calls and going to interviews.  If you’ve already given it thought, what to say will come more naturally when the times comes.

Family friendly employment is becoming more highly sort after, so consider the job interview tips and preparation tips above to be your edge over the competition. What else have you done to give yourself the edge in a competitive jobs market?

Leigh Grigaliunas

Leigh is an owner and co-founder of School Hours Pty Ltd.Leigh's passion for helping others coupled with his desire to achieve a balance between raising children and earning a living, lead him to create School Hours Pty Ltd with his wife Yasmin.School Hours will be the place to go for Australian parents wanting to connect with progressive thinking, family friendly employers.

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