Job Interview Tips: Dress for Success

Job Interview Tips Dress for SuccessSome of the most important job interview tips we’ll ever give you!

So you’ve finally lined up an interview for your perfect role and it’s the job to die for!  Whether you like it or not, the way you dress will impact your  success or lack thereof.  Remember your mum saying “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”, well it’s true, people will make a judgement about you before you even open your mouth to explain your amazing credentials.

If you’re attending a lot of interviews but not landing the job, go home, take a photo of yourself, print it, stick it up on the wall and ask yourself – Would you hire you?   Better still, post the photo on your FB page and ask your friends (the more serious ones) to comment on opportunities for improvement for your next interview.  Here are a few tips that you should remember before going to your next job interview:

Dress for success. It’s not necessarily ‘wrong’ to dress conservatively for job interviews, however it can be said that it’s better to dress appropriately for the job that you’re applying for.  If you’re setting your sights on a job in the corporate office, put on your best business suit.  If you’re applying for a job supervising a construction team, business casual attire might be more appropriate.

Still not sure?  If you’re still debating about what to wear, research the company and check out what current employees are wearing.  This will help you choose a similar outfit that will more appropriately fit in with the culture of the company.  If the company’s website doesn’t provide you with the answer, you could call the company directly and enquire as to what the normal dress standard is.

On the nose.  While clothes are a major factor, once you get that right, the preparation is not over.  There’s nothing worse than a  candidate who looks great, but smells bad!  Don’t forget deodorant and go for a scent that is not too strong or overpowering.  If you’re a perfume or cologne fan, make sure it’s matched well to your deodorant and don’t go overboard.  If you’re unsure of how it will be received, stick to deodorant.  

Don’t sweat it.  If you sweat a lot, wear clothes that won’t make it too obvious – white is always good here, but make sure it’s not one with permanently stained armpits!  Another tip for prolific sweaters is to place some folded tissues under your armpits on the way to the interview;  they’ll soak up the extra sweat and ensure you stay dry beforehand.  Just remember to remove them before you go in.

Back off the bling.  Don’t detract from what you’re saying with piercings, clanging bangles, and swinging chandelier earrings.  Make sure the focus is on you and use jewellery minimally for an interview.  Having piercings removed for the day or hidden from sight will also work to your advantage, especially if you end up with a conservative interviewer.  Remember:  Less is More.

Cool ink dude.  I realise it’s potentially a controversial topic, but in general, an interview is not really the time to show off your latest tattoo, unless you’re going for a role in a tattoo studio!  Yes it’s expressive, meaningful and you probably have a killer story to go with it, however just remember you’re here to sell yourself to land the role of your dreams.  Save the unveiling of your masterpieces until after your first week on the job!

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. A smile brings everything together and will convey to your interviewer and other people in the room that you’re feeling confident about the interview and at the same time you’re happy to be there.  It’s no time now to paste on a forced cheesy smile for the full 30 minutes or so, but a small smile here and there will definitely brighten your face and help you feel more at ease.

During an interview, there are many things that you can’t control, but leaving a good impression by looking great is definitely something you are in complete control of and a must-follow in terms of job interview tips.  Have a bit of fun, dress up, make a little bit of extra effort to not only leave a good impression, but a lasting impression with the interviewer.  If you look fantastic and you still don’t get the job, they might think about contacting you for other roles that come up in the future.


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