Avoid Job Interview Nerves

Avoid Job Interview NervesJob Interview Nerves Need Not Be Required

Job interview nerves are a usual part of an interview for almost everyone, however if you’re too nervous, it can easily destroy your interview chances.  If you prepare however, it’ll certainly lessen the chances of having nerves get the better of you on interview day.  If you believe you are in position where you are very well prepared, you will feel almost bullet-proof and that will come across to the interviewer.  Of all the job interview tips we’ve posted, these are among the most important and should help combat the nerves on the big day.

Have you done your research?  Before going to any interview, you should learn as much as you can about the company. Usually their website will give you an idea of what their about, what their product is, the size of their company, and their potential for growth.  However if it’s possible, try to learn about their culture too, as that is equally important.

Are you dressed appropriately?  Remember, one of the first things an interviewer sees is how you look; so make sure you dress appropriately.  The interviewer wants to listen to what you have to say and not be distracted by what you’re wearing, so try not to go over the top, unless you’re interviewing for a role in the fashion industry of course.  If you’re unsure of what to wear, call and ask for a guideline, it could actually go in your favour.

Do you have questions to ask?  Almost every interviewer will ask you if you have any questions about the company, so make sure you have some intelligent questions ready. You don’t want to simply sit there with a blank look on your face or ask something that will go against you. One suggestion is to ask about the culture and what the workplace is like.  If you’re stuck, you can check out this great link for further examples.

Have you prepared examples?  Providing real life examples of when your skills were used solidifies your reputation.  So, think about your skills and when you were able to use them so that you can cite them as examples during the interview.  Trust us when we say this is the most important aspect of an interview.  Everything else counts, but if you can provide real life examples of how and when you use your skills, it will be extremely helpful to your being considered for the role.

Be fluent in your achievements.  Knowing the achievements you’ve listed and knowing they’re true is important.  If you slip up on this aspect of the interview, you can almost guarantee to kiss the role goodbye.  This is because you should be able to easily speak about it.  Remember, achievements may sound impressive, but when they’re not true they don’t do anything for you.

An interview is like a first dance and before it happens, it can be quite nerve-wracking.  If you make sure you can dance before it happens though, via preparation, it quickly becomes a breeze.  Nerves are part of any foreign situation, interviews included, but your job interview nerves will disappear quicker if you have taken the time to prepare.  Preparation is your key to success and using these tips should help.   Good luck!

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