Job Ideas For New Mums

job ideas for new mums10 Juggling Job Ideas For New Mums

Australia has seen a steady growth in opportunities to earn money from home, with the number of new mums opting to work around their young children increasing. Many have found ways to keep their family a central part of their lives, whilst still being able to contribute to the financial demands.
Here are ten job ideas for new mums who are seeking the flexibility to earn money whilst juggling children.

1. Social media manager

If you’re savvy with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you could become a social media manager. Almost every business from a local florist to a worldwide brand not only has a social media presence but typically has someone employed to manage it. Demonstrate how you can add value promoting their products and services using fabulous images and creating discussions online, and there’s a good chance you’ll land yourself a job.

2. Resale business

Buying cheap and reselling is one way to make money. Leveraging off established websites such as Gumtree, take away all the hard work from setting up your own site. Their online reputation and large number of regular visitors, means you don’t need to worry about advertising or paying for customers to find you. Focus on selling second hand clothing, vintage furniture, books or everything in between. The options are virtually endless.

3. At home day care

If you love kids and you’d like to earn money looking after other children, you may be able to apply to be a home day care mum. There are strict guidelines in Australia to adhere to, however it can be very rewarding. If you’re already part of a new mum’s group you may already have contacts to get you started.

4. Direct sales

There are many legitimate and established businesses that you could be a part of and earn money in the hours that suit you. Some of the more popular ones include Avon and Mary Kay. As a team member you’re given all the marketing materials you need and a fabulous support network. Turn your love of meeting new people into a fabulous business opportunity.

5. Pet sitting and dog walking

If you are an animal lover, what better way to earn money than by setting up a pet sitting and walking business. Advertise your services to include dog walking as well as in-house care of birds, fish and cats whilst families are away. It’s a great way to earn good money and do something you love.

6. Fitness trainer

When you live and breathe healthy options, consider becoming a fitness trainer. With the necessary qualifications under your belt, run sessions at a local park, with or without prams and kids in tow or other people’s homes. Incorporate a love of blogging too by sharing healthy eating tips and workout ideas online. The opportunities are endless.

7. Freelance writer

Consider yourself a writer? Turn a hobby into money offering your services to businesses that require regular website content or even a local newspaper. Create anything and everything from articles to technical documents. You may want to specialise in a particular field or keep your options open.

8. eBay Trading Assistant

Selling your own clutter on eBay is one way to make money however becoming an eBay trading assistant and selling other people’s items is a business opportunity well worth pursuing. Set your own terms and commission rate and earn money selling excess stock or unwanted personal items from those in your area. If you are computer savvy and able to take quality photographs, you are already halfway there.

9. Blogger

Blogging is a popular way to stay connected to the ‘outside world’ whilst sharing content on a topic you are passionate about. Armed with a basic website and a love of sharing, overtime you’ll attract a regular following and ultimately be able to monetise your blog. Whether you choose Google ads or earn commission by reviewing and selling products, it can become a fantastic way to earn money in a timeframe that suits your lifestyle.

10. Virtual Assistant

Business owners know how precious their time is and could probably do with an extra hand every now and then. Becoming a virtual assistant gives you variety in task as well as client, all the while being able to work from home and still juggle family responsibilities. Jobs can include everything from answering emails and managing a diary to data entry, transcribing and helping to prepare documents and presentations.

Juggling work around a family can be tough however by choosing a job that matches your interests as well as your own schedule, you’ll find something is out there waiting for you. Go get ‘em!


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