Is Job Hunting At Xmas Worthwhile?

Job seeking at ChristmasIs Job Hunting At Xmas Worth It?

So you’re looking for a job right now are you?  That’s good and we hope you’re getting close to finding that dream position.  As you know it’s getting pretty close to Xmas now and it may have crossed your mind whether it’s actually worth continuing your search throughout the holiday period.  The short answer is… it depends.

Many things get a little tougher over the long holiday period of summer and Christmas.  Buying a property, selling a property, finding a rental property, finding a tenant for a rental property you own, buying or selling a car, etc, all become a little tougher around this time of the year.  There could be a whole lot of reasons for this, however it could be as simple as people have other things on their minds.

So does the same “slow-down” period apply to positions vacant?  In short yes, there are typically less vacant positions advertised over this period, however there are still jobs being advertised meaning there is still an opportunity to land a job.  If you need a job and don’t need a break from searching for one then by all means keep looking, however check out the tips below to maximise your chances of success during the festive season.

Delayed reaction.  Remember responses will almost certainly be delayed during this time.  Don’t expect to apply for a role on the 24th December and have a response in your inbox on the 25th. If you do get a response on the 25th, you should wonder about what this employer might expect of their employees!

Be considerate.  If you do follow up on your communication, which we’d thoroughly recommend, tread a little lighter than normal.  Whether by email or phone, mention that you expected it will be slower over this period and that you know people are on holidays.  Be sure to mention your interest in the role as your reason for enquiring about the status of your application.  An “all guns blazing” approach could easily go against you at this time of year.

Let’s wait until after Xmas.  Some company’s will wait until after the Xmas period to advertise their available roles and therefore the breadth and quality of roles will be different during this time.  If you’re holding out for a role from a particular company, you could check with them to see if they have something that they aren’t releasing until Jan/Feb.

Not so fast. Further to expecting delays in an initial response, you can expect the entire process to take longer.  If it takes a company 4 weeks to get from the initial advertising to appointing a person, it might take 5 – 6 weeks or longer at this time of the year.  Between forced closures, annual leave, public holidays and skeleton staffing, getting all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted to appoint someone is going to be a little more challenging.  Be patient.

If you need a job and don’t have the luxury of choosing when you search or you simply want a job as soon as possible, then by all means continue your hunt over the holiday period.  While there will almost inevitably be less jobs available, there will still be jobs and employers who are advertising at this time of year will be just as eager to fill these vacancies over Xmas as they are at any other time of the year.

Given that many jobseekers will take a break over Xmas, your continued effort over this period may well work in your favour and reward you with the job of your dreams.  Good luck!  Let us know if you’ve got a feel good story of job hunting over this time.  We’re sure our readers who are still searching would love to hear it!


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