Job Boards Are Here to Stay

Job Boards Are Here to StayJob Boards provide more hires than social media

In recent times, some blogs and forums have speculated that job boards are slowly being taken out of the picture as social networking sites take over.  But that’s just it – it’s speculation that the social web will take over job boards through referrals from connections via social networking.

While it’s certainly not right to eliminate a source of possible applicants, it’s also inconclusive to say that job boards are dying a slow death due to social networking sites.  It’s been almost four or so years since hiring managers and recruitments teams have used social media to gain leads on potential candidates.  In those four years, social media sourced 1% of hires while job boards on the other hand produced 19% of all hires (Bersin Survey, 2011).

At the end of the day, recruitment is all about finding the right person in the shortest amount of time to avoid further costs from leaving a position vacant.  While it might be tempting for recruiters to go for social networking sites wholly due to the often-negligible amount of cost it takes to set up an account, it’s not the most logical decision.  Just because social networking sites don’t charge, with maybe the exception of LinkedIn, it doesn’t guarantee that the company can find the right applicant quickly through there.  This is because as the recruiter has set up their presence in social networking sites, so have hundreds of other recruiters, so it removes the competitive advantage when you’re operating the same way as everyone else.

Job boards on the other hand cost the company the initial listing fee, however they can provide candidates who are actively looking for jobs.  Even though general job boards might provide a glut of candidates that can at times be a little tedious to wade through for employers and recruiters, they still manage to provide more hires than social media based on the Bersin Survey.  The more specialised niche job boards attract candidates from a select pool of people that have the right qualifications to fill the vacancy.  This has certainly put niche job boards in a position where they are often the choice of employers for job postings.  In essence, niche job boards have the target audience waiting for employers to reach them with relevant job listings.  This means a shorter amount of time for employers to find the right person for the job because they receive applications from candidates with the relevant qualifications and skills.

For employers and recruiters, it’s simply a question of finding the right person to fill the vacancy as quickly and efficiently as possible, without compromise.  The truth is, social networking sites might have some candidates who may be suitable for the job, however it’s niche job boards that have the targeted audience ready for the employers and recruiters looking for the right people.  It’s not to say that great candidates can’t be found using social media, they can.  It can go both ways, which is why employers and recruiters should exploit both rather than simply concentrate on one.

School Hours attract jobseekers looking for employment with an element of flexibility.  Whether it’s full time, part time, casual, telecommuting, job sharing or contract work, we aim to help employers and recruiters by providing a talent pool who are willing to work hard, work efficiently and commit to a career, all while enjoying a healthy balance with their family commitments.  It’s not about compromising one over the other; it’s about working together to result in a win-win for all.


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