Is Telework The Future?

is telework the futureIs telework the future? We sure hope so…

As someone who has done a considerable amount of telework over the years, well before it was en vogue, you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger supporter of this form on flexible work.  Is telework the future though?

Well we know it’s going to grow in Australia, in fact with the Federal Government setting the bold target of 20% of all their employees teleworking by 2020, it’s going to grow a lot.  But other than that, what other data is pointing to growth in this sector?  Glad you asked; check out the infographic below

Is Telework the future? Infographic
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As you can see from this data, telework is on the move and growing worldwide at a rapid rate.  With the NBN rolling out as you read this, you can expect that trend to be followed here in Australia.  If you haven’t teleworked before, it’s looking likely that during your work career you’ll get the chance to.

While telework is not for everyone, it is the most flexible working arrangement available, so if you’re a parent looking to balance child-rearing and a career, telework provides a genuine opportunity to perform both tasks uncompromisingly well.  Long live telework!


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