Interview Tips: What Your Body Language Conveys

Job Interview Tips Get Your Body Language In ShapeIs body language among the most important job interview tips?

Body language can be really important during an interview.  Of course what you’re saying is being scrutinized, however you should be mindful that your body language could also be closely watched.  So apart from being careful and precise with what you say, you should also be conscious of what your body language is saying at the same time.

Maintain a good posture.  When you enter the room for your interview you have to make sure that you walk in looking confident with your head held high and your shoulders back.  This shows the interviewer that you’re confident in your skills and willing to take on the job.  When you sit down, ensure that your back is straight but that you maintain a relaxed and natural posture.

Give a firm handshake.  Having a firm handshake when introducing yourself shows what type of person you are.  Avoid giving the dead fish handshake at all costs but try not to crush your interviewer’s hand at the same time.  Try to replicate the pressure of the other shaker where possible, unless their trying to rip your arm off of course.

Maintain eye contact with your interviewer.  Being able to maintain eye contact during the interview will show that you’re listening to the interviewer, interested in what they’re saying and paying attention.  In addition, maintaining eye contact indicates you’re someone who’s confident, open, and honest.

Avoid fidgeting.  Try to remain relaxed and calm during your interview and avoid fidgeting.  Don’t play with your hair or jewellery or cufflinks or handbag.  If you do, it will only show how nervous you are and the interviewer could become distracted by your fidgeting instead of focusing on your answers.

Smile.  Even if an interview is for a conservative corporate role, you should aim to have a relaxed and pleasant smile throughout.  This again shows how confident you are and the interviewer should pick up on it.  Don’t overdo it by putting on a tight, forced smile.  Relax your facial muscles and your eyes and smile appropriately.

Practice deep breathing.  Deep breaths will not only help you relax during the interview but they may also help you speak well too.  So try to breathe deeply instead of maintaining smaller, shallow breaths as they will only make you appear nervous.

Don’t let your mouth cash cheques your body can’t cover.  Don’t get caught out by saying anything your body language won’t back up.  Unless you’re an expert in bending the truth, it’s best to keep to the facts.  Even the slightest deviation from the truth could be given away by your body language.  Many interviewers are adept at noticing these little changes in your demeanour and it could cost you a great job.

Hopefully these few tips will help you portray a calm and confident appearance during your interview.  Remember the key to success is preparation; don’t be afraid to practice in front of a mirror, your partner or a friend to get it just right.  And most of all try to relax.  Good luck!

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