Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

business woman questioning herselfWhy do you want to work for this company?

There comes a time in almost every interview when your interviewer will ask you “why you want to work for this company”.  Yes they have an opening and yes you need a job, however it might be worth expanding on that answer if you want any chance of being offered the position.  Just like you did with your cover letter and resume, you will need to tailor your answer to the company or industry (or both) if you are to be seriously considered for the role.

By asking this question, your interviewer wants to know that you have really thought about your decision to apply for the job.  You have to display that you have done some research into the type of job you are applying for and the company you are hoping to join.  Efforts in this area will show the interviewer you’re not just randomly sending your resume to every company that has a job opening.

As you’re effectively “selling yourself” at this point, whether you like it or not, we’d recommend you can use one of the oldest sales tricks in the book to get your point across, “value selling”.  Simply put “value selling” focuses on what the company will get out of hiring you over someone else.  Think purely of them and what they’ll get out of hiring you and you’ll be a giant step closer to your goal of getting this job.

I think this is easier said than done though as concentrating only on what benefits them without mentioning what you’ll get out of it is tough, but not impossible. Start with researching the company thoroughly. From there select some points that attract you to the company while concentrating on how your skills will enhance these points.  You’ll demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to get to know of the company at the same time as reiterating your skillset.

Imagine you’re a hiring manager of a large, well known company, interviewing people applying for an Account Manager role? Who would you hire based on the answers below?

Candidate A:

You’re a really big company and I’ve always wanted to work for a big company for the security it would provide me. The role sounds very similar to what I’ve done in the past, so I think I’d be good at it and I really like the look of your products, so I expect I’d be able to sell them without any problems.

Candidate B:

Based on my research, your company is a large industry leader and along with this role being a career highlight for me, I believe I produced my best work to date when I worked for a company of a similar size and would expect similar results if I were offered the opportunity to work for this team.  I noticed Company A is one of your current clients, which is a great.  While I haven’t dealt with Company A directly, I successfully grew revenues from two similar companies, Company B and C, in a previous role and due to their similarities, I feel that I’d be well equipped to take on account management of these types of firms. Also your company’s values really resonated with me and I felt they blended well with my core beliefs, particularly the one on Customer Service. It’s the part of my personal brand I am most passionate about upholding.    

Quite obviously candidate B would be more likely to get the position here because the depth of knowledge they acquired about the company and how they used that knowledge to convey what they would be able to do for the company if they got the job.  By answering in this fashion you’ll show the interviewer your interest and enthusiasm for the company and the role and how you can be a useful addition to their team.  Good luck and remember to prepare, practice and really know “why you want to work for this company” to increase your chances even further.




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