6 Fun Ways To Improve Your Resume

6 Fun Ways To Improve Your ResumeHave fun, improve your life, improve your resumé and advance your career

Being on the lookout for a job can be quite stressful.  This is even more so when you have to take care of your family while also hunting for a job.  However, staying positive throughout your job search will help you stay on track and find that dream job.  While in the process of job hunting, you could use some of your spare time wisely by taking on fun activities that you can also add to your resume.

Adding an activity or two into your life will not only allow you to learn something new but you could also meet new people to add to your network.  Referred to as “sharpening the saw” by the late (and great) Stephen Covey, it is one of the most important adult habits to form.  Taking on new challenges and seeking out learning opportunities demonstrates to others your willingness to learn and to stay “sharp”.

Some ideas we came up with are listed below:

1. Take a short course – there is a short course for anything from learning to play Draw Poker to mastering Adobe Photoshop.  Whether you choose a study a topic you can use in a future workplace or just something that interests you, it displays you’re interested in bettering yourself and employers like that trait.

2. Study a New Language – when you join a class to learn a new language, you get to meet new people and also learn about a different culture.  This shows self-discipline and a willingness to learn something new, both of which are valuable attributes for any employee.

3. Join an Acting, Improvisation or Speechcraft Workshop – joining a workshop like these help you hone your social skills and your ability to adapt to different types of situations.  In addition, it will also help you be more comfortable when speaking in front of a crowd.

4. Volunteer and Use Your Talents – from volunteering to teach kids music at your local community centre to working at a nearby soup kitchen, Not-For-Profit organisations will be interested in utilising skills and talents you have and what better way to fill in some of your spare time between jobs.

5. Use Your Writing Skills – if you enjoy writing, have a go at writing for your own blog.  It will help establish your expertise on a topic and develop you an online presence.  It will also help recruiters and hiring managers find you and perhaps invite your for an interview.

6. Be More Physical – use your free time to take up yoga or pilates, join a running group or play a social tennis match each week.  Whatever it is, not only will you improve your overall physical health but you’ll also feel better.  It can also be added to your resume to indicate you live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Whatever activity you decide on, remember the point is that you will be showing prospective employers that you have not remained idle while looking for the right job.  Additionally it will convey that you are someone who likes to learn and what could be more attractive when placing someone into a new role. What would you love to learn and why?


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