I’d Get a Divorce to Telecommute!

I’d Get a Divorce to Telecommute!Bye bye to showers, chocolate and spouses?

Alright let’s make it clear that as much of a fan of telecommuting I am, I personally wouldn’t go that far for it (love you honey).  It does seem nowadays though that employees are willing to give up a whole lot in favour of comfortable working conditions.  In fact, in a recent survey some American workers state they are willing to give up a lot just to work from home, as our article title suggests.

TeamViewer, an online meeting software firm, conducted a survey of 2,630 Americans and asked them what they would give up in order to telecommute.  Well, they not only had some surprising answers, but some shocking ones as well.  It’s true, 5% of the total respondents were willing to get a divorce if they had a chance to telecommute!  Those with better relationship statuses were still willing to give up the following:

  • Daily showers – 12%
  • Social media – 34%
  • Smartphone – 25%
  • Shopping – 20%
  • Texting – 30%
  • Chocolate – 29%

Based on the findings, it seems that a lot of the respondents were willing to become antisocial hermits if they had the chance to telecommute.  Thankfully for the rest of us, if the 12% who were willing to forego showers get their telecommute wish granted, it would force them into hermit status anyway.  I wonder whether the 29% who would swore off chocolate would submit to lie detector tests before being granted a work from home status?

All joking aside, the findings definitely show that employees are willing to go to extremes to telecommute, but what is more interesting is they were not only willing to make personal sacrifices, but also work-related ones.  In fact, out of the 2630 respondents 17% would give up a chance at a salary increase and a further 15% would willingly give up half of their holiday/leave days.  Again I am not sure I would be that keen.

The survey also showed the awareness of telecommuting is on the rise with 83% of the respondents feeling telecommuting was more common now.   The study demonstrates that telecommuting will soon be a trend that a lot of employees will want and which employers can benefit from.  The news is good for Aussies too with the Australian government having the National Broadband Network place telework as one of its main goals.

While employers might have to worry about the 12% of respondents who were willing to forego showers and the 29% who were probably kidding about giving up chocolate, this survey does show that employees will strive to be more productive and will be willing to devote more hours if they do telecommute.  Imagine the productivity increase from the 30% of responders who would give up texting, or the 34% prepared to forego social media alone!

What would you be prepared to give up if you could introduce telecommuting into your current role?

Leigh Grigaliunas

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