How to Prepare Your Student for What Lies Ahead

prepare your studentAll parents want the best for their children, and the best means helping them acquire the skills they will need to compete successfully for the high-tech jobs of the future. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that information taught during the first year of college can become obsolete before the student completes their four-year degree.

Education is expensive, and one of the best and most important investments parents can make for their children’s futures. In fact, according to a recent report, the cost of education in Australia is the highest in the world. Increasingly difficult economic circumstances coupled with the steady increase in the cost of living has made it equally difficult for parents to be able to save for their children’s higher education. The Higher Education Loan Program assists many students in paying for their educations. As of 2013, student loan debt had reached an astounding $26 billion dollars.

While every parent wants their child to have a good education, many worry about their ability to withstand the pressures of years of crippling debt. Among the jobs expected to increase the most in the coming years, those in the information technology field are most in demand. According to the Department of Employment, the demand for IT professionals is predicted to grow by 12.8 % by the end of 2018. One of the reasons for that is that virtually every business, national and international alike, maintains a website and engages in internet commerce. Most large businesses have IT departments.

In addition to increasing the likelihood of well-paying employment and escaping debt, people working in the information technology sector also report high levels of job satisfaction. No matter what their natural gifts and talents, the wide variety of positions within the IT field can provide a place for both personal expression, continued professional growth, and life-long learning.

According to an article, a Chief Digital Officer in the banking industry earns a base salary of $400,000 per year—before bonuses. While recent graduates can’t expect to earn that much, the median salary for a graphic designer is $49,000, with junior graphic designers earning $37,900. The median salary for a digital marketing manager is $78,000. An information technology consultant can expect to earn $81,144. Senior software engineers earn an average of $93,073, while those with less experience earn about $71,918.

While having the skills to successfully compete in today’s marketplace is valuable, having hi-tech skills can also result in less dependence on the job market. Many young people with advanced computer skills begin their own start-up companies. Global entrepreneurialism is making a comeback, and the government offers several programs, some of which include grants for those with a dream and the ambition and self-discipline to use their skills to begin their own businesses.

Every parent hopes for their children to achieve their fullest potential and today’s young people are succeeding at doing just that, some of them far beyond their parents’ wildest dreams. According to a recent article, young entrepreneurs are changing the world of business. For example, Jack Delosa, only 26 years old, started a company called The Entourage, which educates other young entrepreneurs, which now earns revenue in the “multi millions of dollars”.

Nick D’Aloisio, who is 17 years old, created a software application called Summly, that creates news summaries using an algorithm when he was just 15. Investors responded, providing venture capital of $300,000. After more than 200,000 people downloaded the app, he received $1 million more from celebrities including Yoko Ono and Stephen Fry. Yahoo purchased the app for $30 million dollars, acquired the app, and D’Aloisio became $30 million richer.

Even IT prodigies like Nick D’Aloisio have to start somewhere. Some IT training programs offer internships to help students gain practical experience, as well as valuable connections, and to achieve mastery of the skills they’ve learned. No matter what career your child dreams of, possessing IT skills will only increase their chances for success. For today’s young people, success is measured by a balanced life, which includes having time to spend with family. I think all parents, and children, can agree that success should never come at the expense of the family that makes it all possible.

Philip Pileti

Philip Pileti

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