How I Can Work Around School Hours

work-around-school-hoursDear <insert name of boss here>

As you know, I’ve been a very loyal, trustworthy, and hard working employee since you hired me <insert number> years ago. Everyday I put in 100% to make sure all of my work is done, and you know that I’m always on time; and not once have I ever complained about the work I’ve been told to do, or the pay that I get.

So, it may come as a little surprise that I’m telling you now, that as of next year; once my eldest starts primary school, that I want to work around school hours. And here’s why.

A little IT birdy told me that working from home for your company is more popular than ever.  There is technology that’s easy to setup, and well priced (free even!) that will allow me to log in and control my PC here at the office. This technology is very secure with the most minute chance of being compromised (never say never he said).

The IT birdy said the technology is called Remote Desktop and is the method he uses (apparently this bird can use a computer) to remotely access company servers in order to do work and to fix up problems.  He said it was basically an industry standard in accessing company computers from out of the office and can be made more secure using a “VPN” (whatever that means) or firewall rules (I’m hoping he’s not talking about an actual fire) He said it can run from any PC or Mac (thankfully, as that’s what I have at home) and I can print to printers in the office, or even at home.  He then boasted about being able to access PCs from a mobile device, and showed me on his iPad (apparently this bird needs an iPad also).  I think that was a little too nerdy.

He then went to say that if I wanted to go “all out” that we can move our phone lines to something called VoIP that uses our internet to make and receive calls.  Apparently there is a very real chance of saving a lot of money by doing this as the calls are much much cheaper.  A big plus is also being able to keep our existing office number, but the real kicker is that if you buy VoIP phones, I can take one home, plug it into my internet, and BOOM, I can receive the office calls from home.

So <insert name of boss again> I don’t see of any reason why I should have to come in a 8am and leave at 5pm.  In fact, once this IT birdy drove away (maybe his wings were just painted on) I thought about it real hard and decided that I no longer want to come into work 5 days a week.  I think I can get by with just 2 or 3 days, and even then it will have to be after 9:30 and I’ll have to leave at 3:00. But you know what, with Remote Desktop, I’ll be able to do as much work, it not more, from home.  So I can only see this as a win-win.  🙂

Yours sincerely <insert your name here>

PS:  seeing as you have no other choice but to accept this (I’m the only person that know the company’s administrator password after all), can you pay for my internet at home?

PPS:  My iMac is a bit old also.  I think you catch my drift….  🙂


Dexter Eugenio

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