How Flexible On A Job Offer Should You Be?

How Flexible Should You BeWhen it comes to a job offer, how flexible is too flexible?

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, when you finally get a job offer, it can be tempting to simply say yes, even though some aspects of the new arrangement might not be perfect for you.  This could be anything from the commute time to the salary or even the job title.

While a tighter employment market can require you to be flexible about some things, some decisions might end up hurting you or your career.  Listed below are some questions we hope will help you determine whether a job offer is a keeper or not.

How badly do you need the money?  Take a good look at your finances and see if you can afford to let this one go or not.  If you’re having problems paying for your day-to-day needs or keeping up with the payments on your house, then you might have no choice but to take it.

Are you going to be miserable?  Taking the job because it’s the first offer you’ve had might be tempting, but if the role doesn’t suit you, it might end up being detrimental to your career. If you’re anything less than excited about receiving this job offer, then you should consider continuing your search.

What’s more important?  If the position pays less than what you’re used to, take a look beyond the money to see if there is more to the role.  It might have the title and authority you’ve always wanted or a shorter commute or the chance to telecommute on some days and it could be worth the trade off.

Will you be able to explain why you’re taking the job?  If you take a position with a view to having a job while continuing your job seeking efforts, how will you explain that to future interviewers?  Saying there was nothing else available at the time might not be the best option.  They may feel you could do that to them.

Will it help you in your career path?  Imagine where you’ll be a few years down the road.  If this job could help you in your career path, then go for it.  Adversely if you see yourself getting stuck here, then you might want to continue looking for something else.

How did you go?  If there is any doubt in your mind, taking the role may not be the right decision.  To be on the safe side, it might be wise to consult your partner, a family member or friend to see if they can help you.  Have you ever been in a position where you’ve been offered a job and you didn’t take it?  Let us know why you didn’t.  We’d love to hear from you.


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