Holiday Parties: How To Avoid Potential Employer Hazards

holiday partiesT’is the season to be jolly – and it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Companies everywhere are gearing up to throw Christmas parties. However, it is very important to carefully plan out each detail pertaining to such parties as failure to do so could lead to many potential hazards for organisations. Here are a few important tips that can help you avoid these pitfalls:

Pick the right theme
A Christmas party should either be named, simply, as ‘Holiday party’ or ‘End of the Year celebration’. This is very important to avoid discrimination lawsuits.

Establish a dress code and conduct code
Companies should review their dress code policy and send out reminders to employees about the right way to conduct themselves. If your organisation does not have policies about these in place, now is a good time to establish them.

Set rules about Social Media
Often employees take photos and post them on personal social media accounts. Companies need to review the policies pertaining to this. You have every right to instruct employees not to post photos in order to avoid bad press. If needed, consult with your counsel about social media usage and laws pertaining to them.

Re-publish policies about sexual harassment
You will be surprised to know the sheer number of reported cases replete with instances of sexual harassment at company holiday parties. So, it is very important to re-publish company’s sexual harassment policies before the holiday parties. Remind employees that the festivities are not an excuse for violating these rules.

Use clever tactics to curb alcohol consumption

  • Consider making the event alcohol-free – you could schedule events during the daytime so alcohol is not expected.
  • Provide food and entertainment while keeping alcohol separate as a cash bar. You could, alternatively, provide a limited number of drink tickets to employees as these help limit alcohol consumption. The tickets would be the only way attendees can procure alcohol.
  • Make the holiday party a family event so kids and partners/spouses are also invited.
  • Hire a bartender who can assess intoxication levels.
  • Make sure you serve food if alcohol is being served. Foods high in proteins and starch are known to lower absorption of alcohol in blood. Do not serve salty snacks, sugary foods and greasy foods.
  • Keep a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages and water available.

Consider security details
It is important to consider arranging security at the events where alcoholic drinks are served. The security can be provided by the venue or by the independent contractor providing the drinks.

Avoid forced fun
Make attendance to these events a voluntary one – this way employees will not be able to claim compensation since compulsory parties equate to ‘work’. This will also help you avoid claims in case an employee injures themselves on the dance floor.

Provide safe transportation
You must provide bus, van or cab services to drop employees off after such social events. If this is not possible, you must at least arrange vehicle services for those attendees who seem inebriated at the party.

Going home safely, every day
Taking the above steps can help establish a professional tone during the holiday parties and limit employer liabilities while preventing harassment. They can also deter lawsuits and help you create a more productive and harmonious workforce.

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