Hiring Without Pre-Employment Testing Is Nuts

pre-employment-testingAs a manager chartered with hiring employees for nearly all my working life, I’ve had to decide between 2 or 3 candidates based on perceived value to the company more times than I care to remember.  While I often had access to some skills testing tools, more often than not I had to rely good ole’ fashioned questioning and intuition to whittle down my shortlists.

If we’re all honest, this method for candidate evaluation is totally flawed.  I’d be nuts to think that mood, health, state of mind, prejudices and other influences weren’t all subconsciously at play during each of these hires.  This method results in varied results and no employer should stand for varied results when they aren’t necessary.  Pre-employment testing takes all these factors out of the equation, is a far more reliable and consistent method of evaluation and here’s why…

1. Pre-Employment Testing Trumps Gut-Feel.

While “Gut Feel” or intuition can still play a part in the recruitment process, there are more accurate tools at your disposal, which are particularly useful at the pointy end of proceedings.  Psychometric, behavioural and skills testing will create an expectation that a candidate is going to act and perform in a particular way.  And that expectation alone makes pre-employment testing a very sound investment.

2. Pre-Employment Testing Is Easy To Administer.

Pre-employment tests are selected, purchased and administered online.  All you need to do is select the tests you wish to administer, add the shortlisted candidates you wish to test and you wait until the results roll in.  As for understanding the results, they’re written and tabulated in a manner so that they’re easily understandable by the layperson.

3. Pre-Employment Testing Improves Your Brand.

Pre-employment testing used to be the domain of larger, more affluent companies.  Now testing can be purchased and administered online, it’s bought the cost down to the point where it’s accessible to everyone.  Using testing gives your company a professional and impressive look and feel.  It elevates your profile and that’s important with jobseekers being more discerning than ever about who they work for.

4. Pre-Employment Testing Helps Future Hires Too.

The data gained from each pre-employment testing round can be used to build an expectation for future hires.  When combined with performance data from successful candidates and employees in general, requirements at hiring stage are either proven to be effective or used to tweak entry conditions until you have the composition of the perfect employee, making a poor hire almost impossible to make.

So there you have it.  If like me in my hiring manager days, you aren’t using pre-employment testing in your hiring process, you need to question yourself why. With a single poor hire costing your company thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of dollars, how much will you save by taking the guess work out of the hiring equation?


NB: School Hours now provides pre-employment testing options through our partner Revelian (formerly OneTest), Australia’s leading provider of pre-employment testing.

Leigh Grigaliunas

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