Your Key To Goal Setting In 2015

goal-settingGoals are one of my very favourite things to write about. Why? Because I believe in them. I can attribute some of the greatest things in my life to goal setting. Some personal, some professional, I even have some materialistic ones in there. Time after time this method delivers for me and those around me who use it.

What is this method you ask? How do I get it? And for the cynics out there, how much does it cost? Well it’s easy to get, anyone can have it in fact. It costs absolutely nothing and it’s outlined for you, in full, in the points listed below.

  1. Get ready to write. Start with a computer if you have one because they make it easy to add, take off and modify your goals down the track. If you don’t have a computer you could “kick it old school” with a typewriter or just grab a plain old pen or pencil and some paper.
  2. Think about what you want to write. It would be great to have a Ferrari, but if you’re driving a mid 90s Falcon today, don’t expect to write this goal and achieve it tomorrow. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but one of the most important points of goal writing is to make sure your goal is achievable. Maybe aim for a mid 2000’s Falcon before moving on to the Ferrari.
  3. Evaluate what you’ve written. Once you’ve written down what you want to achieve you need to confirm it’s sensible. Using the SMART Goal evaluation method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed), check each thing on your list to ensure they are SMART.
  4. Work on what you’ve written. Here is where most people fall down, the work. Yes having written goals will almost certainly help you achieve your hopes and dreams, however these achievements still come at a cost and that is work. You need to establish what is needed to be done to achieve items on your list and then you need to schedule it in to be done. Fullstop.
  5. Review what you’ve written. You don’t write down your goals once and walk away. Goals are regularly evaluated. How else do you get the euphoric joy of ticking them off! You’ll also need to see whether goals you’ve written are still applicable. Today you might want a Ferrari, but tomorrow you might decide that a Porsche is more you.
  6. Write something else. Finally as you achieve your goals or simply what to achieve more things, you’ll need to revisit your list regularly to add to it (2 – 4 times per year). Trust me it’s addictive. Now you’ve got your Ferrari you’ll need to starting thinking about a Maserati (or something like that).

Do you see a pattern forming? Something about writing perhaps? This is one of the keys, if not the biggest key to seeing your goals and dreams eventuate into reality. It’s been said that only 1% of the world’s population actually commit their goal setting to paper. It’s also said that only 1% of the population hold 99% of it’s wealth. Maybe there is a connection between these two figures?

While this post isn’t about money, it’s easy to use money or material items to show how to set goals. Remember not all that glitters is gold and money can’t buy you happiness. Goals can bring you so much more than money. Think happiness, health, romance, contentment, fitness, etc. Think long and hard about what does make you happy, write it down, then go and chase it down. Good luck with it and have a safe and happy 2015.


Leigh Grigaliunas

Leigh is an owner and co-founder of School Hours Pty Ltd.Leigh's passion for helping others coupled with his desire to achieve a balance between raising children and earning a living, lead him to create School Hours Pty Ltd with his wife Yasmin.School Hours will be the place to go for Australian parents wanting to connect with progressive thinking, family friendly employers.

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