Flexible Work for Women in the Great Outdoors

flexible work for womenFlexible Work for Women + Great Outdoors = Great Benefits

When it comes to women looking for temp work, office or desk bound work are often the first to be considered and the numerous opportunities on offer within outdoor employment through a casual labour hire firm are dismissed.

Working outdoors is not only a different option to working indoors, but it has an abundance of benefits on mental and physical health as well as offering flexible opportunities for women, especially those with school aged children.

If you’ve been looking for flexible work options but you’ve been craving something different and something with less stress, consider the following benefits of casual outdoor labour.

Stay fit

It’s without a doubt that working outdoors in a casual labour position will help your fitness levels. Working casual labour outdoors means you’re constantly moving, you’re promoting circulation and you’re increasing your heart rate more often than you would sitting at a desk.  One of the most difficult things for women is trying to get a work life balance and finding time to fit in exercise.  The best thing about casual labour is that you‘ll get paid to exercise and you won’t even realise you’re doing it!

Make more money

Depending on your role, casual labour work can offer generous penalty rates if you work weekends, public holidays, overtime, early morning or late night shifts.  If you’re able to make arrangements on holidays or weekends for your children, these are great opportunities to earn extra cash when there are extra bills to pay or to put towards your next holiday.

Alleviate stress

Forget the cubicles, the artificial lighting, the drone of conversation drifting throughout the office and cranky co-workers at the neighbouring desk, working outdoors will remove the walls, give you fresh air to breath, sunlight to soak up and sounds of nature. The fact that you’re exercising while you work is also a great stress reliever.

Harvard physician Eva M. Selhub, co-author of Your Brain on Nature, says a drop of nature is like a drop of morphine to the brain, since it “stimulates reward neurons in your brain. It turns off the stress response which means you have lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure and improved immune response.”

Improve general health

Just think about all of the germs that people bring into an office, floating through the air, sitting on telephone receivers, on keyboards and that are sucked up into the air conditioning and blown out right on top of you. Working in the great outdoors means there’s less risk of these nasties floating around because you’re working in an open air environment.

Jo Barton, Ph.D., the lead author of a 2011 study that analyzed the mental health of 53 people who were involved in indoor or outdoor activities for six weeks supports the health benefits of outdoor work, she says “closeness to nature increases our well-being—it has an immunizing effect by protecting us from future stresses and helping us concentrate and think more clearly.”

Why not ditch the four walls, the stale air and the fluoro lights. Working outdoors can empower you to be a healthier person and offer flexibility for you and your family, all you have to do is contact a casual labour hire firm to make the change.


Chris MacKinnon

General Manager at Blue Collar People
Chris himself has a blue collar background, having started his working life as a carpenter. Chris has been with Blue Collar People for 12 years and is highly motivated towards continually achieving client satisfaction. Chris understands that his clients want capable and reliable temp workers, from Blue Collar People, in their workplace, quickly and efficiently and hassle free. Chris and his team can be relied upon to do that with enthusiasm, competence and good old fashioned service.

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