Will Your Boss Say Yes To Your Request For A Flexible Work Arrangement?

flexible work arrangementOne of the more common questions we get asked at School Hours is “Can my current position accommodate a flexible work arrangement?” and commonly the answer is “YES”.  Most positions, particularly knowledge work based roles, can lend themselves to being a flexible work arrangement, however perhaps the most important question to be asked is will your boss say yes to your request for a flexible work arrangement?

If you’re unsure, here’s a sure-fire way to find out.  It’s a simple 3 question test developed by one of the world’s foremost experts on flexible work requests and our flexible work proposal partner, Pat Katepoo, of Hawaiian based company Work Options.

Kate’s 3-question quiz to gauge your approval outlook for a flexible work arrangement.

1. How long have you worked for the same manager?

Tally Your Quiz Score:

Each A response = 1 point
Each B response = 2 points
Each C response = 4 points (4 points, not 3; these C factors are weighted higher because of their reliable impact in getting approval of a request for a flexible work arrangement.)

Your Approval Profile Gauge, Plus Recommendations for Action

3-5 points: LOW A verbal request by a marginal short-term employee is a recipe for denial of a flexible work arrangement. Recommendation: Take several months to build tenure and performance with your manager, then add a solid plan and proposal in writing.

6-7 points: FAIR In which areas can you add one or two more points? Recommendation: To enhance your chances of getting approval of a flexible work arrangement, consider delaying your request until you reach the next level. Meanwhile, get the scoop on your employer as a planning step and read these flexible work strategy articles.

8-9 points: GOOD Or good-to-go, as they say. This is a decent starting position for making your request now.  Recommendation: A detailed proposal will tip the scales in your favor.

10-12 points: VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT You’re well-positioned for approval so be confident in moving ahead with your request. Work Options Proposal Packages deliver approval for 9 out of 10 users; your tenure and job performance reinforce your chances of getting the flexible work you want. Recommendation: Don’t delay; prepare your proposal today and present it soon.

So how did you go? If you scored 8 or above and are interested in working more flexible, then we’d recommend looking at Work Options’ template style flexible work proposals.  You can purchase and download the package of your choice here or learn more here.  With a 90% success rate, no formal request for a flexible work arrangement is complete without a Work Options flexible work proposal package.


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